Short Story: Songs Of Freedom. Part 2.

With the latest changes going around in the country, Carlos and Rafael decided to join hands and make an end to the oppression they were living in. It was time for a change, and change certainly was going to arrive very soon.

Darker times lay ahead, and it was certain that pretty soon, a choice needed to be made. A choice between good and evil. Or at least that’s how it felt for most people. Big, heavily armored trucks with trained army men rolled down the streets and took watch of what the people were doing. They also didn’t exactly keep it a secret that what they were doing was under direct orders from the president.

Carlos felt sad about this, yet also a bit furious. It pointed out exactly what he had been thinking all the time. The president was afraid. He knew something was going to happen. That was certain. He did everything he could to keep the citizens of the country under his control. It disgusted Carlos but also his brother Rafael, and it certainly woke up a beast inside the hearts of all the citizens. Many of them, even tho they were afraid of what was coming, despised the actions that were going on right now, and that alone created a circle of both fear and anger.

There were things happening right now that never had happened before. The poor citizens, regardless of what the rich folks thought about it, started to make more things going around in some sort of a black market. One the president didn’t know about. That, in order to keep the prices reasonable. But the rich folks also got involved in those actions. Some of them did it with good intentions, to help the poor guys, while others did it as some sort of spy scene and brought in this news with the president.

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Published by AndyMeeus

I have always been a passionate storyteller and the influence of stories on people and their decisions impresses me. I like to immerse myself in the projects I work on and I fully focus on the research and the creation of the stories that I think are worth writing. I am a curious and enterprising Writer who likes to delve into the news from the music world. Putting that news into a compelling story is what I love to do and will bring to you today. I am currently found on Gigview, where I write the Album reviews from the heavy metal genres. Follow the link to my space on their site to get information about us. Link: https://www.gigview.be/andy-meeus. I am also writing for Musosoup. To go my page there, click following link: https://app.musosoup.com/submit/AndysMusicCorner

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