A house under the stars. (A No man’s sky fanfiction)

My very own personal base in the game. (not available for other players!)**

A house under the stars is basically still in development on the go, as the character, named: Zandr, travels the Galaxies in No man’s sky, in search of the most beautiful planets. Because he likes to build houses, he builds a house on every planet he thinks is beautiful. But the buildings he builds are just shells, he never Finishes them, because his love for traveling is as great as building a home. And so, a long journey begins in his search for the perfect place. A paradise under the stars, all on his own.

*Note: All bases come with pictures throughout the storyline, including the coordinates, location, galaxy name… Everyone interested in the building can then visit those and claim them if they are what you’re looking for.

**The base you see in the heading of this blog is my very own personal base and is not claimable. I will, however, built one soon that relatively looks like this one. Fans of my own base can then claim that one! Thanks for your respect.

Chapter one: the first glimpse.

This is a story about a stranded traveler, called: Zandr. He scours the Galaxies in search of the most beautiful Planets. Because he likes to build houses, he builds a house on every planet he thinks is beautiful. But the buildings he builds are just shells. He never finishes them, because his love for traveling is as great as that for building a home. And so, a long journey begins in his search for the perfect place, a Paradise under the stars, all on his own.

The journey begins when Zandr wakes up on an icy planet. He must have been crash landed here last night and lost his consciousness during the crash. He was in anyway not able to remember anything about the event. The only thing he knew, was that his ship had gained severe damages and those had to be fixed before he could continue his journey.

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He saw a big cloud of smoke coming from the engine of his ship and stood up, mumbling some words that only he could understand. A large number of animals scattered around on the place where he stood. He looked at them with caution, as he hadn’t forgotten about the last time he had seen an unknown animal in the wild running towards him. Thinking back about that, he rubbed his hand over the back of his head and a painful grin on his face appeared instantly.

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He kept rubbing the place on his head where he now felt another bump. “This must be from the accident, I assume.” Zandr thought. He saw one of the animals coming towards him in a fast pace and his eyes opened up widely. But just before he wanted to make a run from it, the animal started slowing down and stopped right in front of him. It looked to Zandr with cuteness in its eyes and gave him a soft nudge with his head.

For a moment, Zandr stood frozen. Then he went with his hand softly towards the animal and touched its head smoothly. The animal closed its eyes and started purring. A soft smile appeared on Zandr’s face and he thought to himself: “that’s different for a change.”

He took a biscuit out of his pockets and gave it to the animal, which firstly sniffed on it then took it over from him carefully. While the animal started eating the biscuit, Zandr studied it. It looked like some sort of a dog, but it had a small proboscis as a snout. He gained a smile on his face and the animal started galloping on its place, which told him that it was happy to meet him. Zandr couldn’t agree more to that himself either. In a matter of seconds he then also took a big decision. He adopted the animal and gave it a name, called: Meteora. “this way I’m not alone on my journey.” he said. Meteora, also was very happy that it had a new friend now and stayed closely to Zandr, all the time.

Zandr decided to put up a camp here, because he noticed that it was starting to get darker. He pulled out his tent, lit up a small fire and cooked a quick meal.

He and Meteora, quickly became close friends during the evening and when Zandr decided to go to sleep, he looked at his ship one last time and said: “I’m going to take a look at you tomorrow buddy.” then went into his tent and laid down, while Meteora stayed outside, taking place in front of the tent and watching over it as a guard. “good boy!” Zandr said softly, and Meteora looked at him with a lovely face. Zandr placed his head down, closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

When he woke up next morning he immediately started working on his ship. Luckily for Zandr, he was a handy guy so it didn’t took too long to fix the issues and so it also didn’t took too long before he was able to leave the cold, deserted place that he had been staying for at least a few days.

He packed all his gear and placed the things he didn’t need to desperately into the ships cargo, then gave Meteora a nice and cozy seat in the ship and took place behind his wheel. When Zandr heard the sound of his engine starting up and running smoothly, he felt happy. “One thing I learned from my experience in space so far: always try to fix things yourself!” he said softly to himself.

For as long as he could remember, Zandr had been fixing issues to machinery, so that’s why he then also was a great engineer. In the past he had been working as a mechanic in spacestations all across the galaxy, and even beyond. Recently he had decided to do something different with his life, because he couldn’t get satisfaction out his job. So therefore he decided to go traveling, in search for the perfect spot for him to build his dream house under the stars. In the meantime he kept doing short term mechanic jobs during his journey.

A couple of seconds later, Zandr and Meteora were flying up and through the clouds, straight into space. Seeing all the other stars and planets around him, Zandr felt great again. He had been on the ground for a couple of days, so he was happy to finally get back on track and continue his journey.

He looked at the map of the galaxy, that was laying aside of him and studied the trail he had to follow, then opened his GPS system and gave in the coordinates of a planet, he thought would be worth checking out, then pulled his lever and activated his warp module. The engine roared louder for a couple seconds, then Zandr and Meteora were pulled against their seats as the ship went up to warp speed. A couple of minutes later, the ship started slowing down a bit and Zandr looked back to see how Meteora was doing in the back.

The creature looked amused by what he just had experienced and had a soft smile on its face. Zandr started laughing, seeing the adorable face of Meteora and said: “I knew you’d be loving that my friend!”

The ship slowed down faster as a star, right in front of the ship was coming closer and getting bigger by the second. Zandr gripped his lever tight and waited for the right moment. A couple of seconds it was silent, then Zandr pulled the lever down and at the same moment an enormous lightning shot appeared around the ship followed by a loud BANG. Both Zandr and Meteora blinked their eyes a couple of times, then Zandr’s mouth fell open in amazement. He saw a five big planets and he looked from one to the other and back. Then his eye captured one, somewhat smaller planet, but she looked beautiful.

He opened the panel and the scanning device, then pointed his ship towards the planet and pushed the scan button. When the scan was finished, Zandr took a look at his device and read out loud what was written in the description: “galaxy name: Euclid. Star system name: Nacandy XVI. Planet name: Cinidus Omega. Planet type: Paradise planet.”

He felt a warm glow running over his spine and Zandr immediately started the engine and approached the planet. When he entered the atmosphere, he saw beautiful waters, breathtaking landscapes and not one sentinel flying around. A grin appeared on his face as he came closer to the ground and initiated the landing on a small hilltop, that was overlooking a beautiful, large bay area. It immediately felt as coming home, Zandr thought.

He took Meteora out of the ship, as soon as he landed and had set foot on the ground himself. Meteora, clearly was also a fan of what he saw, and started running around happily, immediately.

Zandr took place on the soft and cozy grasland where he had just landed and overlooked the bay, with his mouth a little bit open. While the sun was rising slowly, and made a beautiful morning view appear, a smile appeared on his face and he soflty said to himself: “This is way better than the place where I have been during the last couple of days.”

Zandr didn’t hesitate for a second. He placed a base computer on the side of the mountain and started building a new mansion. He was certain that he had just found the perfect spot to do this, and he already had a plan. In the evening, right after the sun had disappeared and made place for a perfect starred sky, Zandr finished the building of his mansion and looked over it with big pride in his eyes.

“this one’s a masterpiece!” he said and took his camera to make a picture of it, then went inside and up to the terrace where he had an amazing view over the bay. He sighed while he sat down and enjoyed the view from the terrace in silence, while the sun slowly sank away behind the horizon. “A perfect end for an awesome day.” He said softly to himself.

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