Casa Musica Full Story.

Chapter one: Casa Musica The coldest day of the winter so far, was drawing to a close. The village Etely Mountain was laying motionless under a thick blanket of snow. The chimneys puffed out thick clouds of smoke, and the streets were deserted. No human nor animal ventured out if that was not necessary. Outside,Meer lezen over “Casa Musica Full Story.”

Album Review: No Place To Hide by Horrorwish.

Gio Smet is a very great musician. He already has a very rich history when it comes to making music and he worked with many other artists that had led to many great songs and albums, including this darker one, called: No place to hide. As the name of the band does ring a bellMeer lezen over “Album Review: No Place To Hide by Horrorwish.”

Album review: Giotopia – A Fantasy Tale On Music

Giotopia, created by Belgian musician: Gio Smet, is an epic fantasy tale that has heavy rock and metal music included. Every musician playing in the songs are also playing a character each and every song stands for a chapter. The debut album: ‘A fantasy Tale part 1’ was released in may 5th, 2018 and featuredMeer lezen over “Album review: Giotopia – A Fantasy Tale On Music”

New Single: “Juggernaut by Fatality, Out Now.

Fatality, a four-piece metal band from Essex in the UK, has a new single out, called: ‘Juggernaut’. The song is a great mix of metal and rock and has a various number of influences included in the song. The video is filmed and edited by Talon Payne of Gallow Wood Media and is recorded andMeer lezen over “New Single: “Juggernaut by Fatality, Out Now.”

Album review: Hell Will Come For Us All by Aversions Crown.

“The band does everything in their power to overcome evil!” “Hell will come for us all”, especially if you like to listen to metal and don’t care about what is happening here on earth. The band: Aversions Crown, clearly shares this opinion with you and you can hear that in their eponymous album. Hell comesMeer lezen over “Album review: Hell Will Come For Us All by Aversions Crown.”

The rich history of a dutch band called: Martyr.

Martyr is a Dutch band from Utrecht. They are alive and kicking since 1982 and so the years of their activity is a vast amount. Because of the fact that they have been busy for so many years, they then also shared the stage with many other bands. Some of these gigs they played asMeer lezen over “The rich history of a dutch band called: Martyr.”

Interview with The Maension.

A bit more than a year ago I had the opportunity to see a great band in small village nearby. This band has been going on ever since and now we have also had the opportunity to talk about the changes that has been going on for all of us. Me Mark had a greatMeer lezen over “Interview with The Maension.”

Album review: Green Light Fever by Ø M S. Out on the 1st of October.

Friends helping friends is one beautiful thing and a reminder that you cannot live without them. When I was younger we used to go to the local youth center where, in our town, we all knew each other very good. It then also came as no surprise that we’ve seen many of our friends onMeer lezen over “Album review: Green Light Fever by Ø M S. Out on the 1st of October.”

Album review: Sanctorium – Ornaments.

Sanctorium is a Russian symphonic metal band from saint- Petersburg, originated in 2005. They are on the road for more than a decade and have done many concerts during their fifteen years of making music and bringing it to the people. The band has also released three albums during their existence and the last oneMeer lezen over “Album review: Sanctorium – Ornaments.”

Album review: Alien Hazard by Sunwalter

Upcoming Saturday I have the great opportunity To have a chat with the Russian symphonic power metal band: Sunwalter and I am looking forward to have a nice talk about their work as a band. In honor of this upcoming interview, I therefor reviewed their latest album called: ‘Alien Hazard’. Alien Hazard starts with aMeer lezen over “Album review: Alien Hazard by Sunwalter”