Besides working on my blog and providing you all the music news, reviews from the best albums and interviews with the bands behind those albums, I also write fictional stories in my free time. Furthermore I also do copywriting and have finished training in script writing. Anyone looking for help in those fields of expertises are always welcome to contact me through this page.

When I first started out with writing in 2013, my intention was to fully focus on writing fictional stories. Little did i knew back then that I was at the start of something very big in my career. Never before had I thought about writing words for a living was something I was going to do, nevertheless, it only took one story to figure out for myself that writing was my purpose in life. So here we are. Today, eight years later, I have obtained the licenses for scriptwriting and copywriting, I have finished four stories in eight years and the fifth on its way. All four previous stories also found their ways to get published AND I started my own blog.

If you had told me ten years ago that al this these things have become a reality within only eight years of time, I think I should have called you crazy. On the contrary, It did happen and I haven’t regret anything of all of this ever since I started it all out.

On this page of my blog I then also want to show you proudly my previous work as author, but not only previous but also upcoming work. Besides the posts on my blog of course, these shall always keep being updated.

If you’re curious about my work as author, here’s a list of all my published stories so far. You can also find more detailed information about them on the provided links or through my author page on facebook, here.

Lets start at the very beginning, my very first story I have ever written. Let me just say that it is currently only available in dutch, but if you want it can also gladly be translated to english.

Book cover Tempelrijk

My first story was called: ‘Tempelrijk’. It tells the story of an Egyptian homeless street boy called: Pias Ramirez. He and his parrot Tutan are living on the streets of Karnak. It all happened after the tragic death of Pias’s mom and dad. But one day, Pias receives a legacy from a distant uncle that changes Pias’s life forever.

As said before, Tempelrijk is currently only available in Dutch. You’ll find more information about this work here. If you didn’t manage the Dutch language, but are interested in the story and want to read it in English, Don’t hesitate and let me know!

Book cover Casa Musica

While I was working on my very first story I immediately gained many other ideas for other stories. During the time that I was writing Tempelrijk, I then also started working on my second story. This one is called: Casa Musica. It tells the story of a two headed band under the same name as the book title. Formers: Michiel and Thomas have been friends for as long as they could remember. They started making music together and started the band. After only a short time they then also decide that they wanna go and make music for a living and do that in the form of a cruise band. With Casa Musica they set sail with their music, traveling the world and play gigs on the cruise-lines they’re sailing with, giving them the opportunity to gain world-fame.

This story is a mix of many genres. There’s music, of course, and they are traveling the world so many sightseeing descriptions involved. There’s a bit of humor inside the story mixed with a small dose of drama and a bit of romance. In short, there’s something for everyone inside the story.

The dutch version is published as real book and can be found here. For this story there is an english version and you can read it right here on my blog, in return for a small fee.

When I finished those two stories, I originally started working on my third book in dutch. Throughout the writing process I suddenly gained the idea to start writing in English to potentially reach a bigger audience and started rewriting the current script in English. This script became the story, called: Shivers.

Book Cover Shivers

When I finished the story in English I started looking for a publishing house overseas. I eventually found one, called United P.C. Publishing. They were willing to publish my book and I agreed to that proudly. You can find it on the publishers website but also at a variety of webshops like amazon.

Shivers tells the story of a writer named Giel who meets Emma during his vacation in Mallorca where a spark grows between them. In the year that follows Giel undergoes a heavy process and he decides to go searching for his luck elsewhere. Thinking back about Emma and their vacation together last summer, Giel decides to not struggle and to go for what he most desires. They meet up in Mallorca again and the spark between them is back and is staying for good. Giel and Emma are going to have a beautiful live together, although they do undergo certain struggles, but in the end their love for each other is more powerful than love ever had been.

Book cover Memories.

After I finished my fourth story, I made the choice to self-publish this story and so this one is published through Kindle direct publishing. This amazing platform, made by Amazon, is a great way for aspiring writers to get their work to the public exactly the way as they want it. You can buy the book here!

Memories tells the story of Marcel Willems, a writer who is traveling the world on his ship, the Dame Maria. During this trip he spends a lot of time on deck, writing stories, but also takes the time to discover the world at the places he visits properly. During his trip he also comes across a lot of things and some of them are good, while some of them are also struggles. These struggles he has to face, are things that he needs to overcome to succeed as a writer.

Front cover: The friendship’s spark.

Story number five was finished in the last week of March 2021. He is currently up and running on amazon and available for purchase as ebook and paperback.

The Friendship’s Spark tells the story of Dan Campbell and Matt Wilder, two friends who grew up together in the Bronx, New York. Dan and Matt are two youngsters who spent their free time skating. Together they have one goal: Becoming professional skateboarders. For this goal to become real, Dan’s sister, Emily, supports them in any way possible. She takes them to the contests and is always sitting in the front row. Both Dan and Matt had had a rough youth, but they keep each other up and running due to their strength and friendship.

So that’s my finished and published work so far but stay tuned, cause there is still work in progress and as soon as it gets published, you’ll find out more about it on this website. In the meantime, if you’re fan of heavier music, feel free to check out my work on my blog: Andy’s Music Corner. Here you’ll find Album reviews, Band Interviews and news from the music industry.

Keep on rocking, Keep on reading and keep the dream alive!