Legendary band Queen, back from never being away.

“We are the champions. Don’t stop me now. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy.”

They are all sentences from lyrics of songs by one of the world’s most famous British bands. Queen has therefore worked hard to reach that top. You can still see the result of this today. Take to the streets and ask ten unknowns if they have ever heard of the band Queen and all ten will give you almost the same answer: Of course we know Queen.

The early years of Queen.

The band Queen, formerly called Smile, took its first steps in the music world in 1968 when Brian May founded the band together with Tim Staffel. In doing so, they relied upon Roger Taylor as their drummer. Immediately with the start of the band, Freddie, previously called farrokh but he changed that name himself, was introduced to the band and immediately became a fan of it. Freddie was present at every Smile performance and he always had a great time there.

In 1970, Tim decided to quit, so the boys had to look for a new singer. Freddie, who was already a vocalist for the band Wreckage at that time, was approached by the boys because of this and he decided to switch to Smile. Not much later they also changed the name of the band to Queen. They did this to honor the Queen of England and also because Freddie liked to reflect with her. And so became Queen, the band that we still know to this day.

The life of a world star.

Freddie Mercury is an icon that still lives on in contemporary culture. You can go wherever you want, if the name Freddie Mercury falls you will see many eyes and ears sharpen. Freddie, or Farrokh Bulsara what his real name was, has therefore left a big impression. He therefore had a very big personality.

In his life he was often alone. That was something he didn’t like as much and he showed that too. He often attended the most eccentric parties, or organized them himself. But despite that, he was always there. He was always 100 percent committed to his music, because that was his life. He proved the latter by performing with Queen on Live Aid in 1985, which was organized by Bob Geldof in aid of the famine in Ethiopia. Because the gentlemen of the well-known band were known for that as well. Their commitment to equal opportunities and the rise against injustice.

It then also was a huge shock on that all-changing November 24, 1991 for the world when news came that Freddie had died at his London home. Many call it the end of an era.


Since 2014, 23 years after we said goodbye to this great man, Queen has come up with a big surprise. They have a new world tour planned. They already did this with a hologram of Freddie who sang the songs, but since 2014 they have been doing it with a new singer who wants to do Freddie a lot of honor.

For this tough job, Queen appeals to Adam Lambert who finished second in 2009 in American Idol. Before that he received a lot of praise and the Queen’s men had also seen and heard their songs sing with almost as much style as Freddie would have done. Those versions were so well received that they immediately started negotiating with Adam.

Now they have been touring for several years and that does Adam, Brian May and Roger Taylor a lot of pleasure. They still have a lot of fun and you will notice that when they are on stage and fully indulge in the songs, which over time have grown into the world’s greatest hits of all time.

The history of music, Part IV: Rock around the clock, till the music dies.

The fifties music had a huge influence in the music we listen to today. The songs carried hope, love and freedom with them. Songs from artists like Elvis Presley, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and many more gave people a great feeling. The feeling of joy and happiness. A carefree life ahead.

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Movie scores Wednesday: Harry Potter.

Hedwig’s Theme.

“You’re a wizard Harry.” With this sentence, millions of people got hooked forever to the boy who lived. The fantastic franchise tells the story of a young boy who survived the curse of death, simply because his parents gave their lives for him. A simple act of love saved his life.

How can an eight-movie franchise, a seven-books series, a simple yet powerful story become such a big influence to so many people? It might be the story, as some say, or the lovable characters, or simply the brilliant mind of the writer J.K. Rowling, that caused it all. To some of us it might also be the geniality of music, combined into the story.

In movies, music plays a crucial part in the storyline. It helps the viewers to be deeper connected to the characters and to what is happening, by playing right into people’s feelings. That is why movie scores are a very important part in movies.

In the Harry Potter franchise, the opening track became such a big hit, that it quickly became the franchises theme song. We’re talking of course about ‘Hedwig’s Theme’. The song does not include text, but that is not necessary at all. Whenever people hear the very first tunes playing, they know exactly what comes next and that is the beauty of a theme song. Many theme songs from movies have that and they are therefor an important part to the franchise.

What would movies be without music anyway? The scores in movies are there to give people a special feeling, as they are capable to give more value to the scenes that they host. Some of them are in a happy mood, while others are more with a dramatic influence. It’s what the scene tells you and you can feel the actor’s emotions through the songs.

It also appeared in the Harry Potter franchise, and hereby I’ll give you my top 5 list fo scores from Harry Potter movies, with a bit of information about the scenes themselves.

Number five: Double Trouble. (Harry Potter and Prisoner Of Azkaban.)

In the third movie when students arrive at Hogwarts, the student choir is singing this song to alert the other students that something is about to happen. This movie then also is a bit darker then the two predecessors, warning the viewers that the students are growing up and dark times are lying ahead.

Number four: Neville’s Waltz. (Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.)

The fourth movie is about the Triwizard Tournament. A competition held every four years between three competing schools: Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbattons. Because it is an international competition with, in this case four students competing: Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour for Beauxbattons and Viktor Krum for Durmstrang, there’s a Yule Ball planned to which all students are invited for “a night of well mannered frivolity” as Professor McGonagall prefered to call it. This is Neville Longbottom’s time to shine.

Number three: Death of Cedric. (Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.)

In the same movie the tragic death of Cedric Diggory plays a huge part in the franchise. It marks the beginning of the dark times coming ahead. This song captures all the emotions that people feel when they lose a loved one.

Number Two: Loved Ones And Leaving. (Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix.)

The fifth movie captures the darkness taking over the power and the return as the rulers. While many of the students are at school, under the the reign of the ministry, some rebellious students want to stand up and fight against the evil that terrorizes them. It turns into a battle at the ministry itself, during which horrible things happen. This song then also perfectly reflects those incidents.

Number One: Dumbledore’s Farewell. (Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince.)

When the final battle is at the merge of breaking through, another very brave man gives his life to save others. Throughout the entire series, Albus Dumbledore had been a great headmaster of the school. He stood for everything that Hogwarts was build for and protected the school, the students, and the teachers in every way possible. His loss meant a great deal to many of them and he will therefor never be forgotten.

Even tho the books are all written, the movies have been made, and the story has been told in many different languages, the franchise will never end. It’s a universe on it’s own that will go on for the rest of days, cause the story had a major impact on many people who will forever be potter-heads in their hearts.

Do you agree with this list? Let me know your top five and/ or opinions on mine. Let’s keep the Harry Potter universe expanding until eternity.

French Alternative/Modern-Hardcore five-piece Pray For Humanity stream brand new EP ‘𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐞𝐬’ // Out now on CD & Digital through all platforms.

French Alternative/Modern-Hardcore five-piece Pray For Humanity just released its brand new EP called ‘𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐞𝐬’ and available right now on CD & Digital through Bandcamp + the main legal platforms (SpotifyApple MusicDeezer, etc.).

In addition to the official release-news, the band also shared the whole effort for FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp.

Pray For Humanity is an Alternative/Modern Hardcore band from North-East of France created in 2016 in Langres, FR. 

With strong rythmic sequences and angry chaotic riffs inspired from the new Worldwide Hardcore scene, the band’s signature is a mix between dark ambiances and deep emotions. 

Written in French, the direct and transcendent lyrics approach various controversial topics through modern society such as war, religions, counter-power, psychological/madness or even overconsumption.

For fans of Rise Of The Norstar, Gojira, Eths, The Arrs

Album cover

To find out more about the band, check following links:





Toronto’s TRAITRS tease LP with ‘Mouth Poisons’ single.

Canadian post-punk rising stars TRAITRS present their new single ‘Mouth Poisons’, foreshadowing their much-anticipated album ‘Horses In The Abattoir’, to be released in mid-November via Freakwave, a Berlin-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe group, with distribution by The Orchard. This single follows moody ‘Oh, Ballerina’ with its accompanying art-house horror film meets 80’s new wave music video, directed and edited by frontman Shawn Tucker.

Recorded by and produced with Josh Korody (F*cked Up, Japandroids, Dilly Dally, Beliefs, Nailbiter) at Candle Recording Studio, the new output was mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Linkin Park, Katy Perry).

Based in Toronto, TRAITRS was formed in 2015 by Sean-Patrick Nolan and Shawn Tucker. With a cinematic blend of post-punk, goth, alternative and post-rock, their emotive melodies, propulsive rhythms, angular guitars and dark cinematic electronics quickly led to the duo becoming one of the dark music scene’s fastest rising independent artists.

“The core sketch of this song was written late at night at a very good friend’s place in Frankfurt, Germany. ‘Mouth Poisons’ is an extremely personal song and lyrically I set myself up as the main target. It carries an air of ‘come see what’s going inside of me that wants to burn down everything in sight’. Definitely my favourite single we have ever released to date,” says Shawn Tucker.

“‘Mouth Poisons’ was initially supposed to be a fast, angular punk track and it remained in this form for several months until Shawn wrote the bass guitar part and completely changed the way I heard the song. His melodic bass line brought out a sadness and vulnerability in the track that I didn’t know was there. All of a sudden this frantic punk song sounded more like The Smiths or New Order, so I completely rewrote my synth part to tease out those elements even more. The break before the outro is one of my favourite parts on the album,” says Sean-Patrick Nolan.

Early demos, recorded with Josh Korody, led to TRAITRS’ 2016 debut cassette ‘Rites And Ritual’ with Pleasence Records. After gaining traction in Europe and North America, TRAITRS released their critically acclaimed ‘Butcher’s Coin’ LP via Pleasence Records / Manic Depression Records / Alchera Visions in 2018. Bolstered by lead single ‘Thin Flesh’, the duo embarked on several lengthy tours overseas, performing in over a dozen countries with showcases at Wave Gothik Treffen, Castle Party, Extramuralhas, Nocturnal Culture Night, Wavefest, Canadian Music Week and Pop! Montreal.

Their relentless touring schedule and work ethic caught the attention of Thomas Thyssen and Eric Burton of Schubert Music Publishing and, in October 2020, they announced TRAITRS as the first signing to their brand-new record label Freakwave Records.

With the preceding limited 10’’ vinyl ‘The Sick, Tired And Ill’, which practically sold-out before its actual release, TRAITRS were able to triple their Spotify monthly listeners to >33k. In addition, lead single ‘Magdalene spent 5 consecutive weeks at #1 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

‘Mouth Poisons’ is out now everywhere online, including Spotify and Apple Music. On November 19, the full-length ‘Horses In The Abattoir’ LP will be released on vinyl, CD and digitally. It can be ordered at https://orcd.co/horsesintheabattoir 

Written and performed by TRAiTRS
Shawn Tucker – Vocals, guitar, bass guitar and lyrics
Sean-Patrick Nolan – Synths, piano, sequencing and programming
Additional percussion by Josh Korody
Recorded at Candle Recording Studio in Toronto
Produced and mixed by Josh Korody and TRAITRS
Mastered by Pete Maher
Album cover design by Shawn Tucker, based on ‘Anna Pavlova In The Fokine/Saint-Saëns The Dying Swan. St. Petersburg – 1905’.
Video scenario and production by TRAITRS
Video directed and edited by Shawn Tucker

Check out the songs through following links:

Oh ballerina on youtube:

Magdalene on youtube:

‘Horses In The Abattoir’ LP order

Order on BandCamp

‘The Sick, Tired & Ill’ EP

To find out more about the band, check following links:

BandCamp Facebook Instagram Soundcloud Twitter Youtube Spotify Apple Music

To find out more about Shameless Promotion PR, check following links:

Official website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Instagram LinkedIn Email

To find out more about Freakwave Records, check following links:

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UK-Norway post-punk stalwarts PERMAFROST release eponymous EP

Norwegian-UK outfit Permafrost has released their sophomore ‘Permafrost’ EP digitally for the first time, including a previously unreleased mix. This four-track offering is available on all platforms as of October 15th, released on their own Fear of Music label with distribution by Secretly Noord.

Two years since its vinyl-only release, they now bring you the digital release of the ‘Permafrost’ EP, including the never-before-released Japanese Mix of ‘Sugarcubes’, featuring backing vocals by Tsugumi Takashi and Yoko Sawai.

Recorded at The Overlook, Braund Studios in Brooklyn and produced by Permafrost, this EP was mixed by Erik Braund(Mac DeMarco, A Place To Bury Strangers, Beach Fossils) and Shane O’Connel, and mastered by Paul Corkett (The Cure, Placebo, Sleeper, Strangelove).

Permafrost was formed in 1982 in Molde, Norway by school friends Frode Heggdal Larsen and Kåre Steinsbu during the first post punk era. Robert Heggdal and Trond Tornes joined in 2001, the group finally rounded out with the addition of London-based keyboardist Daryl Bamonte in 2016. They take their name from a song by Magazine with other notable influences being Joy Division, The Cure, Talking Heads, Pere Ubu, Yello, Fad Gadget, The Residents, Wire and Wolfgang Press.

Debuting with the ‘Godtment’ EP in 1983, released as a limited edition of 50 numbered cassettes, Permafrost issued their sophomore offering – the ‘Permafrost’ EP, a vinyl-only release, to high praise in 2019.

2021 brought a trio of critically acclaimed singles via Fear of Music label – ‘Femme Fatale’‘Closed Eyes’ and ‘Restore Us’, the latest offering from September featuring remixes by MAPS (a.k.a. UK producer James Chapman) and Paul Corkett. All three singles reached #1 on the Indie Disko Top40 Chart and Top 5 on the Deutsche Alternative Chart, the latter also reaching #1 on the Native25 Chart, in addition to significant press and radio play on six continents.

The ‘Permafrost’ EP is out now everywhere online, including Spotify,Apple Music and Amazon. It can also be ordered directly from the band via [http://Bandcamp https://permafrost3.bandcamp.com/album/permafrost-ep%5DBandcamp. A limited number of copies are also still available on 12″ vinyl while they last.

1. Sugarcubes
2. Kingdom
3. Lifetime Commitment
4. Sugarcubes – Japanese Mix

Lyrics and Music by Permafrost
Produced by Permafrost
Recorded at The Overlook, Braund Studios (Brooklyn, NY)
Mixed by Erik Braund and Shane O’Connel
Engineered by David Plakon, Erik Braund and Shane O’Connel
Backing vocals by Tsugumi Takashi and Yoko Sawai
Mastered by Paul Corkett
Artwork by Per Olav Bergem
‘Kingdom’ video by Per Olav Bergem

To find out more about Permafrost, check following links:







Apple Music

To find out more about Shameless Promotion PR, check out following links:

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Short Story: Make music, not war.

In Flanders fields, history is still present today. What happened there during the first World War is known to all. But there are still things that happened there which we don’t know yet. Who were all the brave young men who gave their lives to defend the citizens of a small country. A country that, even tho they are divided, they do have a unity of their own.

Belgium is not a big country, but it is a strong one and it had it’s part in a major historical event that changed history through the ages. The west-coast of this small, yet lovable country, perhaps had to suffer the most in that time and many brave men let their lives there. They are forever remembered in Ieper. In Flanders fields.

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The History Of Music Part III: From Classical to classics.

There was a time in which people had to go through storms and back to get the things done what they wanted to be done. There were times in which we had to face challenges and difficulties in our lives. But there has been not a moment, since the beginning that people made music, that we lived without the symphonies and sounds we loved so much.

We people are a very creative and advanced species. In the long times since we have been wandering around the earth, we have created extraordinary things. Music is one of them.

In this part of ‘The history of music’, the focus is laid on the early days of the 20th century. The beginning of a new era. The beginning of a technological experience.

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New Single: To Go For Love, By Ira Getman, Out Now!

Slavic Valkyrie with a bass guitar, IRA GETMAN storms the musical Mount Olympus
with the single ‘To Go for Your Love’, charging into the mainstream metal scene
from Duisburg, Germany.

Ira Getman’s music is a kaleidoscope of emotions, a dynamic flow of hard ‘n’ heavy rock
energy with epic but danceable elements in combination with soulfully deep vocals.
Her music sounds like a collaboration between Rammstein and Céline Dion that would be
called “Mein Herz will go on”! Power, confidence, and passion pour into and are expressed
through the great work of this modern, independent woman.

Ira Getman has an individual style and an extensive musical experience. No wonder – she
was a student of the legendary Floor Jansen of Nightwish. The successes of Ira Getman as
former frontwoman of the dark metal band Sariola include numerous concerts in Europe,
and tours as support for monsters of the metal scene, namely Possessed, Belphegor, and
Blitzkrieg as well as a headlining tour in Russia.

Ira shared the stage several times with bands like Pro-Pain, Megaherz, Ensiferum and
other famous international acts. Ira Getman is not only a professional artist: she is also a
successful model and influencer all over Europe.

During her appearance in the TV show ‘Curvy Supermodel’ she gained great fame by
combining her model and rock star image together. Furthermore, she appeared as the
main actress in the video for ‘Hell Funeral’, by Grave Digger.

Around 50,000 Instagram fans worldwide are already following her music and modelling
career. For the new fans Ira is a big surprise – for her die-hard supporters she is a constant
breath of fresh air.

Femininity, catchy style, strong vocals, and brutal guitar riffs – these are the flavourful
ingredients to this multi-talented artist’s recipe for success. Working with the talented
producer and musician Jon Phipps, who has worked with bands such as Cradle of Filth,
Moonspell, and Amorphis, Ira Getman has fast become a new voice for contemporary
values and liberation in our troubled world.

Ira Getman confidently brings her music to the people, juxtaposing raw riffs with the fine
lines of her feminine looks. A woman with a bass guitar and an elegant dress will not go
unnoticed. Her bold presence can only be felt – it cannot be ignored.

The song ‘To go for love’ might not be understandable for all listeners, tho it is a great song that will instantly makes you head-banging while listening.

It has it’s upbeat moments, combined with a powerful voice and outstanding instrumental background. Then there are also the ‘reflection’ moments within the song.

Imagine staring with dreamy eyes in front of you, feeling like you are entirely alone on this planet or perhaps even not on the planet. The influential background music can make that happen.

Be careful tho, when the beats and the voice kick back in you are instantly pulled back into reality which might cause that it feels as if you’re free-falling from the sky onto solid ground.

Check following links to find out more about Ira Getman:

Official Website






THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES Premieres “Hell Froze” Animated Video

Madrid (SP) – Spanish Death Metal horde THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES have premiered an animated video for new single “Hell Froze,” courtesy of Dead Rhetoric. The single is taken from forthcoming EP Foundation.

Visite the following link for the video premiere here!

THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES will release Foundation October 22 on Lacerated Enemy Records. The EP’s first single, “A Humanless War,” is available now through YouTube:

Visit this location for single availability on other digital platforms.

Pre-order Foundation:



On the Foundation EP, THIRTEEN BLED PROMISESplay dissonant blackened technical death metal in the vein of Obscura, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Abhorrent.
Comments Lacerated Enemy: “We are very pleased to announce that THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES has joined Lacerated Enemy family. Hailing from Madrid, Spain.

THIRTEEN BLED PROMESSES formed in 2006 creating their brand of technical Brutal Death Metal. After Releasing two successful albums, Heliopause Fleets (2012) and The Black Legend (2015), the band established a strong fan base in Europe and received great reviews for both.”

While supporting numerous well known acts since the creation of the band, THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES was ready to enter the studio again to record another masterpiece of blackened technical death metal. The record brings its influences from progressive and technical songwriting, while still accompanied by a blackened atmospheric quality that keeps the listener intrigued about what will come next.

Track Listing:
1. A Dead Fucking Alien And Now I Am Fucking Immortal

2. Hell Froze

3. Intergorelactic

4. A Humanless War

Johny – Drums

Darío – Guitar

Fran – Guitar

Cosmea – Bass

Turri – Vocals

To find out more about the band, check following links:



To find out more about lacerated enemy records, check following links:



The History of Music Part II: The Pillars Of The Musical World.

Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi,…

Those are just a few of the legendary artists who kept music alive through the centuries.

Classical music typically is made without voices or lyrics, but the melodies that created these legends were tended to be singable so that composers were able to replace singers and focus on the music instead.

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