New single from Major Moment: the flood. Out now.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to have an amazing interview with Major Moment. Now their back again, this time to promote their new single, called: The Flood.

The flood starts off with an upbeat and a very nice melody. Not long after the intro, the first lines are sung on a nice and easy tone, but not much later it explodes into a melodic downbeat chorus.

The switch between up- and downbeat keeps lingering on and can be found back throughout the entire song, while you are getting dragged into the story this song is telling and it would be quite imposible to not lose track of time while listening to the song.

The end of the song is then also quite a jewel. If you weren’t already in a trance by the time you reach this point, then sure enough you will get into this one right now. It will also be almost impossible to get out of that trance, cause the tones you’re listening to will drag you deeper and deeper with them.

Only when the song ends, you will be able to wake up again. Slowly coming back to reality, you’ll sure be thinking: Where am I been just now?

The song explains the uprising of the sea water so intens and beautiful that it sure wil be a major moment in your life. One you’ll quite surely shall not forget very easily.

If you love the band and want to listen to the new song you can find it by clicking following links :

Enjoy this one to the fullest and remember that every small thing you do in live can transform into a major moment.

Plastic Barricades, new single: Tunnel. Out now.

Romantic and honest, gloomy and curious, melodic and melancholic, Plastic Barricades chronicle life in the troubled yet fascinating XXI century, asking questions and trying to find answers. Inspired and influenced by almighty Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Coldplay, Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Placebo, Snow Patrol, The Shins, Nirvana and many others, the band loves to experiment with styles, sound and approach.

Based between London and Paris, Plastic Barricades are Dan Kert on guitars and vocals and Paul Love on drums and production. Together they make unbelievably good music and their news single: Tunnels, is proof of this match made in heaven.

Tunnel is again a masterpiece in the alternative genre. The song tells the story of how it sometimes can feel like life is a road with plenty of tunnels. These tunnels are like the feeling of going into a dark and unknown place, not sure what to expect or how long this darkness is going to last.

The fact of all this, also causes you feeling claustrophobic, and it feels like you cannot reduce speed or turn back from the point you are right now, leaving you with only one decision: Going forward and make the best of it in anyway possible. As long as you keep that thought with you, and the knowledge that not one tunnel is endless, you can surely make it to the other side and see the sun shine again like never before. As long as you keep holding on.

The song was written in a backyard shed studio in London and mixed and mastered by Paul love and Andy Baldwin in the Metropolis Studio’s.

Their new LP is scheduled for the autumn of 2020.

Interview with Major moment.

Doing a live interview with a band can sometimes bring up lots of memories. Rock band Major Moment went through a giant leap to become the band they are today. Nowadays, vocalists and songwriters Andrey and Sasha are the working force behind it. Located in Boston, in the United States of America, the band has gone through some wild changes in the past, with musicians joining the band, leaving the band, joining them only for a couple shows, etc… Keeping in mind the band is relatively new, Major Moment has a rich past. 

Andrey and Sasha are both originally from Russia. Before they started the band, Sasha was a professional tennis player, touring all around the world playing tournaments, showing good results. Later on, after almost twenty years of dedication to this career, she wanted to explore other things in life, so she became a tennis coach, which is much less time-consuming. 

Andrey, on the other hand, was planning to become a doctor as his whole family are in the medical field, but it was quickly certain to him that that was not his destiny. He then pursued lots of other things, including studying in a law school, but those were all things he decided he did not want to do. Music was his destiny. That’s what he had always been saying to himself and so he decided to follow that dream. Of course, he went through a long phase of trying things that didn’t live up to his expectations. And then found what turned to be the ‘Major Moment’ in his life, that brought him to the point where they are today. The birth of his musical baby. 

I had the honor of interviewing both Andrey and Sasha. They are both very friendly, very open and chatting with them gives you the good vibes. Not for one second I had the feeling I was doing a formal press interview. They gave me a soothing feeling during the whole time and it can be assured that they will be as open and friendly to anyone else out there. 

Their connection through music is what brought them together in the first place. With Major Moment they share their insight on life and the world. The mission behind their music is to give other people the strength and encouragement to pursue their passion. That is what they both are doing today and are proud of themselves for doing this. Major Moment was born and is on its way to become a story in the making.

Loved ones and lost ones

A couple of years ago, the music world was shocked when everyone heard the news of the death of a big rockstar. I, myself, was also upset when I learned that Chester Bennington, lead singer of the world famous band Linkin Park, had chosen to leave this world behind. 

The same shock that I felt back then, also triggered Andrey and Sasha on a deeply personal level. For many years, they both were a part of a Linkin Park fanclub in Russia and although they didn’t know each other, they both were friends with its owner. While on the road trip around the US, he asked Andrey if he could be staying at his apartment for a couple of days during his stop in Boston. He had a friend with him and that friend turned out to be Sasha. The rest is history.

Chester meant a lot to both of them on an inspirational level as well, and I guess lots of people can relate to that. So it felt as if the earth fell away beneath their feet a couple years later when they, along with the rest of the world, heard the news that Chester passed away. 

Given what kind of person Chester was, I guess, it’s fair to say that he left us with a legacy that taught everyone that all people, black, white, tall, small… should be kind to one another, and treat each other with respect. Major Moment has all the intentions to continue his legacy. In honor of Chester’s memory, Major Moment has recorded their tribute, which is a cover of Linkin Park’s “Leave Out All The Rest”.

It’s interesting to know that in the past they played other covers too. The reason why bands do that is because it gives people something familiar, and as Andrey jokingly said: ”It’s like seeing a familiar face: you know you’re not going to feel threatened and have the feeling there’s no danger coming. The same feeling is true with covers. People know these songs and therefore they tend to react much warmer than to something they’ve never heard before… But for that exact reason, we almost never play covers. We want people to stop and think, to hear the meaning behind the song, not only have fun with some familiar music playing in the background”.

By now they also have enough of their own material, which are also pretty great songs, so why not playing them? Major Moment has the vision of being the creator of what they bring when playing on stage, in front of an audience. That is, of course, one of the main reasons why bands grow out. Every great band is unique in it’s own way and has its own signature sound. It would be a waste of talent, if you have created something great but never show it to an audience to the fullest extent. That is what Major Moment has understood big time, and tries to encourage everyone else to do the same thing.

An Award in the making. 

Major Moment, in many ways, had its ups and downs. Sure enough, everyone does. As long as you keep believing in yourself and follow your goals, everyone can make it in his own way. Being nominated three times for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, surely is one of those things that they will never forget. Even though they haven’t won, they are positive that if they keep doing what they are doing, one day this may become a reality. Andrey jokes: “At some point they will run out of nominees that haven’t won yet, and we are going to become the Leonardo DiCaprio of this award”… 

Andrey reflects on the moment they got their first nomination: “I was a bit surprised, but not in the way of like: “Oh my god, I cannot believe this is happening!!”

Sasha’s reaction was almost the same. She was happy that their song got recognized by the pros, but they didn’t know much about the award or what to expect of the ceremony.  

Arriving at it, Andrey and Sasha were treated with everything Hollywood has to offer, including the red carpet, press and photographers. They saw lots of well-known actors, producers, and composers for film music. “Back to the Future” trilogy soundtrack composer Alan Silvestry was there too, as well as many other famous stars. At that point, they felt very special. Being at that event felt to them as if they were at The Grammys.

That feeling of gratitude never left them throughout the night, but the most special moment to them was when their band’s name ‘Major Moment’ appeared on the screen amongst all the other famous names, it felt like a big win to them.

After the ceremony they had drinks and talked with other musicians and composers, who were curious about what other projects they’ve been a part of and which movie soundtracks they did. Andrey recalls he replied with the humble smile on his face: “Oh, yeah! By the way, we’re total newbies here!” But in the end, they had an unforgettable night and had made lots of new connections.

When they received their nomination second year in a row, they felt honored. It also gave them the idea that the first two nominations were not by accident. It was also the moment they decided: ‘Okay, this is an achievement, it’s a goal and we have to keep pushing to get that award, one day.’

Older music.

When people start bands, they mostly decide to start off with some covers to learn to play together and gain a bit of experience. Most of the bands today play covers of songs that are from the older generations. Who doesn’t know the classics that are played at parties, weddings, gigs…

What do most of our generations actually think of the older music? For Major Moment, this was a question that they haven’t had before and found it interesting but also a tough one to find answers to. 

Sasha grew up with classical music, as her mom thought it was a perfect way to introduce her kid to the music and art in general, and inspire creativity. She also played piano, and wanted Sasha to learn as well, but, unfortunately, she didn’t really have enough the time to learn it back then. Sasha thinks classical music is like a foundation to any kind of music, and she still listens to it occasionally.

To Andrey, older music had more meaning and was more personal. Back in the days, music wasn’t as accessible. You weren’t able to get your phone and search for any song you wanted to hear, instead you had to physically go to record stores, search to see which one of them had it, stand in a line, buy it on vinyl, cassette or CD, and play it on a record player that not every family had. 

Today the accessibility of music is phenomenal, but it takes away a bit of the charm and the special feeling we had listening to the music we wanted. That’s why older generations say that their time was way better than what we live in today. If you listen to the music today and you listen to the lyrics, which is an important factor in songs, then it is a pain in the butt to see that lyrics are becoming more irrelevant in songs lately. There’s no meaning, or a background story. On the other hand it can have a meaning, but this can be very destructive and damaging to the people who listen to it.

What about other genres? Not only the older ones but also the new ones? 

You can get inspiration from other genres too and use it well. Sasha for example, loves what Billie Eilish is doing. “I think she’s very talented! I was also a fan of Eminem for some time. It’s interesting to see how so many rock, indie rock and even hardcore bands over time slowly start leaning towards pop music, so it’s like pop music swallows everyone.”

Andrey said: “I’m open to lots of genres. Every genre has a good and a bad example. I hate commercial country music, but there is also good country music, like for example Johnny Cash or Sheryl Crow. Music should be about the connection it makes to you, not to the genre, but to you personally.”

Information towards starting bands. 

When you start a band, the first things that come to mind are: What are we going to play? What are we going to name ourselves?  

These are, of course, very important questions. But you have to think further too. You can’t just start a band and think that everything will be coming towards you without making any effort. That’s a sure thing. Andrey and Sasha are in the meantime more experienced within the music industry. Bands like those can give valuable information to starters. 

When I asked them the question to give some useful information to starting bands, Andrey started laughing and said: “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”, then added: “No, I’m totally kidding there, do it!” Sasha had her own thought ready: “If you really see yourself as a musician, go for it! But don’t think that it’s going to happen just by playing and doing nothing else, like it will magically turn into a full time job. If that is the way you think, then you’re probably going to be very disappointed.” Andrey adds: “The bottomline here is: be honest with yourself and do what you wanna do. Some say, all you need to do is to write one hit song and you made it. This sentence cannot be further from the truth. There are so many other important things you need to do as a modern day musician. Marketing is very important. If you’re not well known, but create a great song and release it, then how are you going to be noticed amongst the forty-thousand songs being released everyday? So be real with your expectations. Education is also important. Unless you come from a very rich family, you will soon realize it is going to cost you a lot of money to promote yourself. The internet is a good platform to promote yourself but it takes time and effort. Don’t just put up one song on your YouTube channel and then sit back and relax, cause it’s not going to work that way. Talk about it to everyone out there. There are people that are going to love your music, but you have to find them first.”

Sasha joins back in after Andrey had his peptalk and added: “On the positive side though, just 20 years ago record labels were owning everything and it was impossible to release music on a serious level if you were not signed by one of them. Now you can do that all by yourself, and do it successfully! Everything is possible right now. By doing it all yourself, you really have to pay attention to all aspects, basically, be your own label. Not only write music and lyrics, you also have to be a business-minded person, an entrepreneur, a marketing specialist, an accountant, etc.”

She laughs while checking off this list and then continues: “But you do need professional help still, if you don’t have experience. You cannot film everything with your iPhone, mix it all up on your computer and say: it is done. PAy attention to the quality of your content, as people don’t want to see blurry low-resolution pictures and videos anymore. So education and effort are very important here.”

Major Moment’s goals for the future. 

To wrap up the interview, Sasha and Andrey give a preview of how they see the future of the band and what their goals are in the upcoming years. 

Sasha says: “The long-term goal here is to take our music as far as we can, make it so it’s heard all over the world, and eventually to play stadiums, cause why not. All this can be done by further educating ourselves and being innovative. Hopefully, one day we’ll make it happen, and all our hard work will pay off.”

Andrey added: “We’re also going to stay focussed on what we’re doing now, will communicate with our fans and keep them up to date, and will learn to appreciate all these little things we have already succeeded in.”

Stay real and don’t think that everything comes out of the blue, but go for what you want to achieve and give it your best effort. That way, baby steps can maybe transform into Major Moments.

Interview with: The rabids.

The rabids are a rock and punkrock band from a small town called: Wiekevorst, in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. I have had the opportunity in the past to watch their shows and know some of the guys personally.

Last week I have also had the opportunity to do an interview with them and here’s what has come out of it.

1) Introduce yourself shortly:

We are the Rabids, with Senna Laureys on the bass, Yannick Zwijsen on guitar,

Kristof De Wel on the drums and Jentof Saelen on guitar and vocals.

2) Which genre do you play? 

We play Punkrock and Rock&roll

3) Have you done many gigs already?

 We have been playing shows in bars and at festivals around de Kempen since 2017.

4) Do you make your own music, or do you play covers?

We do both! :p

5) When playing covers, do you give them a little twist of your own and how do you do that part of the job? 

We play some songs from the 90s and 2000s era of punkrock and keep those as close to the original as we can. Older songs like ‘Leaving on a Jetplane’ and ‘Land Down Under’ are played a lot faster than the original.

What has influenced you to start playing the instrument you’re playing? (Each person can answer this question personally.) 

Jentof started playing guitar around the time he was 14 while starting a highschool band with some friends. Yannick decided to start playing guitar after the first time he heard an Offspring song. Senna was inspired by music and aspired to play live on a stage so he started out on guitar, but then quickly realised his passion for playing bass. Kristof started at a young age, he got a toy drum kit for St. Nicholas. Eventually he started at the music academy to learn the tricks of the trade. A few months after graduating from the academy I got an invitation to try out in a local punk band. After the first rehearsal I was immediately sold and here we are now, a few years later with our first EP

8) Who are the artists that you admire most and did they have any influence on your choices, in both your personal life and the musicians world?

Bands like Rancid, Bad Religion, NOFX, Stray Cats etc. have a big influence on our music. On a personal level you could say they give inspiration to stand for what you believe in and follow your passion.

7) How have you met each other? (Band question) 

Senna, Kristof and Jentof all live in Wiekevorst, and everyone kind of knows everyone there. Jentof met Yannick in Mechelen where they used to work as colleagues.

8) Where do you get the inspiration for writing your songs? 

90s and 2000s punkrock and a little bit of 80s heavy metal and 50s rock&roll influence the music. Writing sessions mainly involve drinking a lot of beer.

9) Are you going to festivals or concerts just for and enjoying to see other bands play?

We all visit festivals like Groezrock and Sjock, but also lots of small scale local festivals. Whenever any band we love announces a concert nearby, we try to be there.

10) What if someone invites you to play a gig in another country? Would you consider playing in another country? 

Yes ofcourse hehe

11) What is your opinion about today’s music?

There’s lots of good and lots of bad, depending on personal taste as well.

12) What do you think of the older music, bands, musicians, that our parents or even our grandparents grew up with? 

We love rock&roll from the 50s and 60s, metal from the 80s and punkrock from the 90s and 2000s. Among lots of other stuff!

13) What’s your opinion about other music genres, other then the ones you are playing or listening to?

There is such a huge variety in music genres these days so there is something for everyone out there, depending on your taste and personal preference. We believe all music that proves real thought and dedication went into it, has the right to exist and to be listened to and appreciated.

14) What useful information would you give other starting bands about the life of a musician? 

Do it for the love of music and the enjoyment of performing it with your best friends.

15) To wrap it all up: What are your goals and what would you really wanna achieve as a musician?

Keep doing what we’re doing as best as we can and we’ll see where it takes us.

New Single-EP: Hypnotist by North Atlas.

The three-headed Alternative rock band; North Atlas, find their roots in Glasgow, Scotland. Brothers: Leon D Hunter and Cam Hunter, united with their childhood friend: Lian ‘Rusty’ Russel for a jam one day and soon realized that they had to start a band together. With influences from other rock songs, combined with the wild, affecting landscapes, North Atlas was soon born and raised by other influential materials from their neighborhood, and the music they were listening to.

In 2019 they already released their first single and this one was greatly appreciated by the public and media, so the three guys decided to go further onto their journey. Hypnotist is the first of seven EP’s scheduled for 2020, so fans of Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Bring Me The Horizon, Etc.. Should definitely visit their Facebook page to find more information about the band. You can also listen to it on Spotify and watch the video clip on YouTube.

‘Hypnotist’ tells a bit of darker story as it explores how one man wants to explore anxiety’s grip on the mind, and tries to figure out how and why this is happening. In the music video, the horned creature is a god named: Cernunnos, that is associated with growth, hunting and fertility. If you’re a fan of alternative music, you’ll soon find out when listening to the song that you automatically shall start head banging. The mix between heavier, softer and upbeat pieces of music will make you feel like being sucked into the clip’s world, but don’t be afraid of that. You’re definitely are going to liker that.

If You went trough the song, and are siked for the rest of the songs that are coming, follow the bands profiles on social media by clicking following links, You’ll sure not going to regret doing that.

Follow North Atlas:




Album review: 8Snake – Eight.

8snake is a progressive Rock band from the UK, formed in 2011. They have already released their first album ‘Blue Omens’ in 2011 and an EP called ‘Arousal Addiction’ in 2013. Eight is their new album, which is released through NMTCG records on June 1st 2018.

The band played at Red Roar Festival in the UK in September 2018 as support act for Esprit D’Air, a sold out event at Boston Music in London. They have also toured Luxembourg and Belgium. Their first show in 2019 was at The Dome in London for Die Kur’s 20th Anniversary and was followed with a show at Renaissance Alternative Music festival at the Electrowerkz  and Reptile club night, both also in London.

They then did their own European tour, called: ‘Desert And The Moon Light’ In 2019. The same year they also did a support act for Diamond Black on their debut single launch, also in London.

Their new album then doesn’t come as a big surprise. This one is called ‘Eight’ and has a mix of everything you need to find on a progressive rock album. Eight starts with a nice upbeat intro and emerges into something very beautiful throughout the entire playlist.

The vocal line is specific to the genre of music they’re playing, but it is also a big plus because it is done professionally and it hits a sensitive note. You can also find a touch of grunge and stoner rock in it that gives you a good vibe. Also the lyrics are a masterpiece. Their has been done a great value of research and thinking to compose and write them and that is something very essential in music. These guys have totally figured that one out.

At some moments, you will start grow your curiosity. That is because of the perfect timing and use of the right notes in those moments and the variety of the setting of the songs doesn’t make you say after a couple of songs like: “Again the same beat, again the same guitar line..” This is totally not the case in ‘Eight’. Some of the songs are a bit faster and upbeat, while other songs on the list are slow and give you time to linger into your mind.

If you come home after a rough day at work and put on this album, you can easily forget everything for a while.

Also the artwork is done great. They found these on ‘the dark side’ exhibition from artist: Torturett photography. If you want find out more from this artist, you find her gallery here.

You can find the full stream of the album on YouTube via this link.

For more information about Eight visit their social media pages:


Official site




  1. Necroplis Eye
  2. Sun
  3. Universe Garden
  4. Bloody Dream
  5. Dancer of Love
  6. Never Ending
  7. Burn
  8. The Dark Heath

Beneath the Massacre – Fearmonger: Album review.

“An album that makes you feel shred to pieces and one part of your body is fighting an epic battle in hell, while the other part remains on earth trying to save what can be saved.”

Do you sometimes feel that there is more than just the places we can see here on earth? The guys from Beneath the Massacre share that feeling with you and they clearly show that in their new album. This band from Canada, with roots in Montreal, Quebec, are having a blast with their new album. It soon becomes clear that this is not about a piece of music made for the merciful at all. The anger and aggression that is incorporated in this album shows that these Canadians will not be pushed around and that anyone who unnecessarily hurts them or others, will be punished without mercy for their actions.

Throughout this album it gives the listener a bit of a sense of being the one being punished right now. It gives you a picture of something that you have done that you know was something that you will certainly not be proud of later, but at the same time you realize it yourself and it also seems like you did not do it on purpose.

When the album starts, you immediately feel it. After a short introduction, you are very forcefully dragged into the depths. But at the same time you also have the feeling that you keep standing your grounds There are so many things included in this album: very fast pieces that you will definitely not dwell on, guitar solos that will leave you dizzy, not to mention the breakdowns that will make you descend on earth to be lifted again right away. In short: Fearmonger contains everything a contemporary metal album should have.

It is only at a three-quarter part album that the first heavy breakdown is coming. The fans will cherish this moment because if you experience this moment as a fan at a festival, there is only one question in your mind: “Where is that moshpit ?!” And there you will dive in with all your body and members and lose your soul in it and when it eventually weakens again then you have the next number on the list. That song is titled: ‘Autonomous mind’  and takes you all the way into deep with its massive, brutal breakdown. The guitar part in this sounds unworldly and you have the feeling that you fall into the pit of Tartarus where you soon should start to fight with the devil himself.

Return to Medusa’ is the song that accompanies you during this fight and ends with a huge cliffhanger that makes you think to yourself, “What’s going to happen?” And totally unexpected you are dragged into the next song again with a quick technical piece to catch your breath a bit later on a simple, but beautiful breakdown, which takes you through the whole song to the end. In the penultimate song you will be able to completely lose your mind again in the end with a great breakdown.

If you have reached the last song in one piece, the last powers you still had will now be sucked out of you. Take a breath again on a very beautiful solo, and then give your last strength in a breathtaking ending where you fall on your knees, exhausted and empty, but with a satisfied feeling and grin from ear to ear on your face.

You will not soon forget this album, it sounds in the back of your mind, while everything still resembles what you have just experienced.


  1. Rise Of The Fearmonger
  2. Hidden In Plain Sight
  3. Of Gods And Machines
  4. Treacherous
  5. Autonomous Mind
  6. Return To Medusa
  7. Bottom Feeders
  8. Absurd Hero
  9. Flickering Light
  10. Tornished Legacy

More info about Beneath the Massacre:

Official website

Official Facebook

Official Twitter

Official Spotify

‘Run with you’, New single by Ask Carol. Out now!

Ask Carol is a Norwegian pop/rock band with a whole lot of other different influences in their music. It’s a two headed band from Oslo, Norway and do everything you hear in their songs, all by themselves. Just the two of them. Founded in 2016, they both gained lots of inspiration in their songwriting together and that has resulted in a world tour already.

This they did with their first EP and haven’t been quiet ever since. Now they are planning on getting back on the road and this they wanna do with their first full-length album. To promote their youngest musical child, they have released a new single on may 15th. This song is called ‘Run with you’ and tells the story of someone, having the feeling of wanting to run away from sorrows, secrets, life,… before it’s too late.

Release of the debut album is scheduled for early 2021 and fans of bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, KOLARS and Faces on TV’s should definitely give this single a try too. They are certainly going to love this one, it’s a pearl in the genre.

Curious about the single or the band itself? You can find all the information about Ask Carol and their debut single on their social media, or listen to the song on their Spotify channel by going to the following links:







Interview with: The dirty denims.

The dirty denims are a Happy hardrock band who find their roots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Started in 2006, means that they are already fourteen years on the road and still counting. For a dutch band, that is really something. So who are they?

I had the huge opportunity to have an interview with these guys and do a small Q&A with them. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Introduce yourself shortly:
    We are The Dirty Denims from Eindhoven – The Netherlands. We rock with 2 boys and 2 girls: Suzanne on drums, Jeroen on guitar, Marc on bass and me – Mirjam – on vocals/guitar.
  1. Which genre do you play?
    We play Happy Hardrock, a mix of Hard Rock, Punk Rock and Power Pop. AC/DC meets Joan Jett meets KISS!
  1. Have you done many gigs already?
    Yup! We started the band in 2006 and the last years we usually had (with no Corona) 40-45 gigs a year. 
  1. Do you make your own music, or do you play covers?
    We mostly play our own songs! Sometimes a cover from AC/DC, Joan Jett, KISS, The Romantics or The Ramones.
  1. When playing covers, do you give them a little twist of your own and how do you do that part of the job?
    A little, because most covers we do are originally sang by a man, so I will sing them as a girl (but not as GIRLY GIRL, I wanna rockkk!). 
  1. What has influenced you to start playing the instrument you’re playing?
    Suzanne plays the drums from when she was a little girl. Marc started playing the bass a few years ago so he could play in our band, because he first was a guitarist only. Jeroen always tells me he saw Greenday on MTV and he made it look like so easy, so that’s why he started the guitar haha. And I sing since I was a child, and guitar too, but electric guitar was inspired by the American all-girl band The Donnas.
  1. Who are the artists that you admire most and did they have any influence on your choices, in both your personal life and the musicians world?
    I’m very influenced by The Donnas (as mentioned above). And AC/DC (with Bon Scott in particular)! Other influences of me and/or the band are Airbourne, The Living End, KISS, Joan Jett, Juliette Lews and the Licks, Danko Jones and The Hellacopters.
  1. How have you met each other?
    Jeroen and I started the band together, we know each other from the Music Management school. Marc was an intern at his work (musical instruments shop) and Suzanne we met because of our social media post about that we were looking for a drummer, her uncle shared it and that’s why she saw it and did audition.
  1. Where do you get the inspiration for writing your songs?
    Our guitarist Jeroen writes the songs. He always says a lot of songs are starting as a ‘mistake’ haha. Then I play something different then what it was meant to be, and then he thinks: hmmmm that sounds good! Let’s make a song of it! Sometimes I’m there when he writes something new and I think that he is really good at it! I wish I could do that, make something out of nothing!
  1. Are you going to festivals or concerts by yourself much?
    When there is no Corona we try to play as many ourselves, and on weekends we don’t have to play ourselves we visit indeed festivals or concerts often!
  1. What if someone invites you to play a gig in another country? Would you play that gig or consider playing it? 
    If it’s Belgium or Germany: yup! If it’s another country: also yup! But maybe we have to have more gigs on the road and make a tour of it to make it affordable, it depends on the situation.
  1. What is your opinion about today’s music?
    There is a lot super great music from super great bands! Too bad it isn’t on the big National radio stations, but hey, that’s why we don’t listen to those! 😉 
  1. What do you think of the older music, bands, musicians, that our parents or even our grandparents grew up with?
    We like those a lot, we are much inspired by previous music, mostly from the 70’s/80’s.
  1. What’s your opinion about other music genres, other then the ones you are playing or listening to?
    We don’t need to listen to music we don’t like, we are happy about it! Unfortunately sometimes we need to hear it because people with bad taste are turning the volume high on the streets or in their cars. Maybe the people with great taste have to do that too, (haha!)
  1. What useful information would you give other starting bands about the life of a musician?
    I’m all for getting yourself some knowledge about online marketing, because it really helps us to find the right people to show us our music. In these days you can’t make only great music and then wait till some label or booking agency will make you famous. Do the work!
  1. To wrap it all up: What are your goals and what would you really wanna achieve as a musician?
    To reach even more hardrock fans around the world with our music. So here we are, working on our goal with this interview. We have a new single – Creatures Of The Night – you can download and hear it here for free: Cheers!

The Dirty Denims are:

  • Mirjam Sieben: Vocal/ Guitar/ Organ.
  • Jeroen Teunis: Guitar/ Vocals.
  • Marc Eijkhout: Bass/ Vocals.
  • Suzanne Driessen: Drums/ Vocals.

The dirty denims on social media:

Album review: Despised Icon – Purgatory.

Purgatory, New album by Despised Icon.

A unique album with nice vocal line variations, beautiful instrumental pieces and great transitions

Despised Icon is an established name in the contemporary metal scene and they have released a new album. The Canadian band, with roots in Montreal, Quebec, have been active since 2002 and today have six albums to their credit. After their debut album in 2002 they have grown very quickly. They have been active under the Century Media label for a long time, until they announced in 2010 that they were quitting. That came as a blow to the fans. Anyone who is a fan Despised Icon will be able to confirm that and I must honestly say; I was also surprised by that news.

But in 2014, after several years of absence, the fans got hope again. Despised Icon announced that they were going to tour again. Although with new band members, it was only a small thing for the fans. Since then, they’ve collaborated with the Nuclear Blast label and under that they have now released two albums, including this album: Purgatory.

Purgatory is the youngest member of their discography and has eleven songs. It is an album on which they give themselves completely, that is certainly evident. Everything is incorporated: from instrumental pieces, to heavy breakdowns and from very deep grunts to pig squeals. With this album Despised Icon wants to show off and show the world that they are completely back and they do that with verve.

The tracks on the album are generally not long songs, but there are beautiful transitions everywhere, there is a good variety of vocal and scream lines and there are nice instrumental pieces, such as exciting drum pieces, a very varied variety of vocal lines and very fast transitions from slow breakdowns to fast musical pieces. There is also a nice change of language. Some songs are written entirely in French, while other songs are written entirely in English. The guitar solos are a bit missed, but that is only a small matter.

The album starts with an instrumental intro in which only guitar is used. Nevertheless, it does give you a very deep feeling. After the intro they open the album with mainstream drums and the vocal line also falls in after a few seconds with deep screams. After a few more seconds, the rhythm accelerates and the Canadians take you on a road trip through memory lane. Halfway through the song you are suddenly awakened, because there is something hidden there that you might have been waiting for. The drums slow down, the guitar falls in and you wake up from your trance, straight into the very first breakdown of the album and you realize: Despised Icon is still alive and kicking!

You will definitely get that feeling a few times throughout the entire album. The band has not been idle and you notice, they have worked hard to create an album for their fans that they will enjoy for a long time and they deliver a high quality album. Just like they always did before.


  1. Dernier souffle
  2. Purgatory
  3. Light speed
  4. Slow burning
  5. Snake in the grass
  6. Vies d’anges
  7. Moving on
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Apex predator
  10. Legacy
  11. Deadweight

More info about Despised Icon:

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