Interview with: The dirty denims.

The dirty denims are a Happy hardrock band who find their roots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Started in 2006, means that they are already fourteen years on the road and still counting. For a dutch band, that is really something. So who are they?

I had the huge opportunity to have an interview with these guys and do a small Q&A with them. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Introduce yourself shortly:
    We are The Dirty Denims from Eindhoven – The Netherlands. We rock with 2 boys and 2 girls: Suzanne on drums, Jeroen on guitar, Marc on bass and me – Mirjam – on vocals/guitar.
  1. Which genre do you play?
    We play Happy Hardrock, a mix of Hard Rock, Punk Rock and Power Pop. AC/DC meets Joan Jett meets KISS!
  1. Have you done many gigs already?
    Yup! We started the band in 2006 and the last years we usually had (with no Corona) 40-45 gigs a year. 
  1. Do you make your own music, or do you play covers?
    We mostly play our own songs! Sometimes a cover from AC/DC, Joan Jett, KISS, The Romantics or The Ramones.
  1. When playing covers, do you give them a little twist of your own and how do you do that part of the job?
    A little, because most covers we do are originally sang by a man, so I will sing them as a girl (but not as GIRLY GIRL, I wanna rockkk!). 
  1. What has influenced you to start playing the instrument you’re playing?
    Suzanne plays the drums from when she was a little girl. Marc started playing the bass a few years ago so he could play in our band, because he first was a guitarist only. Jeroen always tells me he saw Greenday on MTV and he made it look like so easy, so that’s why he started the guitar haha. And I sing since I was a child, and guitar too, but electric guitar was inspired by the American all-girl band The Donnas.
  1. Who are the artists that you admire most and did they have any influence on your choices, in both your personal life and the musicians world?
    I’m very influenced by The Donnas (as mentioned above). And AC/DC (with Bon Scott in particular)! Other influences of me and/or the band are Airbourne, The Living End, KISS, Joan Jett, Juliette Lews and the Licks, Danko Jones and The Hellacopters.
  1. How have you met each other?
    Jeroen and I started the band together, we know each other from the Music Management school. Marc was an intern at his work (musical instruments shop) and Suzanne we met because of our social media post about that we were looking for a drummer, her uncle shared it and that’s why she saw it and did audition.
  1. Where do you get the inspiration for writing your songs?
    Our guitarist Jeroen writes the songs. He always says a lot of songs are starting as a ‘mistake’ haha. Then I play something different then what it was meant to be, and then he thinks: hmmmm that sounds good! Let’s make a song of it! Sometimes I’m there when he writes something new and I think that he is really good at it! I wish I could do that, make something out of nothing!
  1. Are you going to festivals or concerts by yourself much?
    When there is no Corona we try to play as many ourselves, and on weekends we don’t have to play ourselves we visit indeed festivals or concerts often!
  1. What if someone invites you to play a gig in another country? Would you play that gig or consider playing it? 
    If it’s Belgium or Germany: yup! If it’s another country: also yup! But maybe we have to have more gigs on the road and make a tour of it to make it affordable, it depends on the situation.
  1. What is your opinion about today’s music?
    There is a lot super great music from super great bands! Too bad it isn’t on the big National radio stations, but hey, that’s why we don’t listen to those! 😉 
  1. What do you think of the older music, bands, musicians, that our parents or even our grandparents grew up with?
    We like those a lot, we are much inspired by previous music, mostly from the 70’s/80’s.
  1. What’s your opinion about other music genres, other then the ones you are playing or listening to?
    We don’t need to listen to music we don’t like, we are happy about it! Unfortunately sometimes we need to hear it because people with bad taste are turning the volume high on the streets or in their cars. Maybe the people with great taste have to do that too, (haha!)
  1. What useful information would you give other starting bands about the life of a musician?
    I’m all for getting yourself some knowledge about online marketing, because it really helps us to find the right people to show us our music. In these days you can’t make only great music and then wait till some label or booking agency will make you famous. Do the work!
  1. To wrap it all up: What are your goals and what would you really wanna achieve as a musician?
    To reach even more hardrock fans around the world with our music. So here we are, working on our goal with this interview. We have a new single – Creatures Of The Night – you can download and hear it here for free: https://li.sten.to/iqHdq4p. Cheers!

The Dirty Denims are:

  • Mirjam Sieben: Vocal/ Guitar/ Organ.
  • Jeroen Teunis: Guitar/ Vocals.
  • Marc Eijkhout: Bass/ Vocals.
  • Suzanne Driessen: Drums/ Vocals.

The dirty denims on social media:

Album review: Despised Icon – Purgatory.

Purgatory, New album by Despised Icon.

A unique album with nice vocal line variations, beautiful instrumental pieces and great transitions

Despised Icon is an established name in the contemporary metal scene and they have released a new album. The Canadian band, with roots in Montreal, Quebec, have been active since 2002 and today have six albums to their credit. After their debut album in 2002 they have grown very quickly. They have been active under the Century Media label for a long time, until they announced in 2010 that they were quitting. That came as a blow to the fans. Anyone who is a fan Despised Icon will be able to confirm that and I must honestly say; I was also surprised by that news.

But in 2014, after several years of absence, the fans got hope again. Despised Icon announced that they were going to tour again. Although with new band members, it was only a small thing for the fans. Since then, they’ve collaborated with the Nuclear Blast label and under that they have now released two albums, including this album: Purgatory.

Purgatory is the youngest member of their discography and has eleven songs. It is an album on which they give themselves completely, that is certainly evident. Everything is incorporated: from instrumental pieces, to heavy breakdowns and from very deep grunts to pig squeals. With this album Despised Icon wants to show off and show the world that they are completely back and they do that with verve.

The tracks on the album are generally not long songs, but there are beautiful transitions everywhere, there is a good variety of vocal and scream lines and there are nice instrumental pieces, such as exciting drum pieces, a very varied variety of vocal lines and very fast transitions from slow breakdowns to fast musical pieces. There is also a nice change of language. Some songs are written entirely in French, while other songs are written entirely in English. The guitar solos are a bit missed, but that is only a small matter.

The album starts with an instrumental intro in which only guitar is used. Nevertheless, it does give you a very deep feeling. After the intro they open the album with mainstream drums and the vocal line also falls in after a few seconds with deep screams. After a few more seconds, the rhythm accelerates and the Canadians take you on a road trip through memory lane. Halfway through the song you are suddenly awakened, because there is something hidden there that you might have been waiting for. The drums slow down, the guitar falls in and you wake up from your trance, straight into the very first breakdown of the album and you realize: Despised Icon is still alive and kicking!

You will definitely get that feeling a few times throughout the entire album. The band has not been idle and you notice, they have worked hard to create an album for their fans that they will enjoy for a long time and they deliver a high quality album. Just like they always did before.


  1. Dernier souffle
  2. Purgatory
  3. Light speed
  4. Slow burning
  5. Snake in the grass
  6. Vies d’anges
  7. Moving on
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Apex predator
  10. Legacy
  11. Deadweight

More info about Despised Icon:

Album review Suicide Silence – Become the hunter.

39 minutes, no standing still guaranteed

Suicide Silence – Become the hunter.

Deathcore band Suicide Silence is 20 years old this year and they celebrate that with their sixth studio album. The Californian band, with roots in Riverside, has not had an easy time in recent years. After the death of their singer, Mitch Lucker, in 2012 they went through a deep valley but also came out very strong. They owe this primarily to their talent, but also to the help of several other musicians who have assisted and helped them over the years. Just think of the many guest singers they always had with them. However, since 2014 they have a new fixed value for this position. Eddie Hermida now takes on the role of Mitch Lucker and he does so, albeit in his own way, in a very impressive way.

Their new album is definitely on to put on through your speakers sometime. Become The Hunter tells a mysterious story in which the listener will fully immerse. The album as a whole lasts almost forty minutes, but once you start it, it feels like those forty minutes, only are forty seconds. If you put up Become The Hunter you will start nodding your head anyway and soon you will find yourself head-banging really hard. Become The Hunter opens with a phenomenal intro, followed by an equally phenomenal transition that drags you right into the album.

The vocal lines are very well done and that in combination with the beautiful guitar pieces and high-quality technical drums immediately brings this album to a top level. Also the change from speed to breakdowns, to melancholic pieces and pieces of music that brings tears to your eyes, because you think back to those deceased loved ones of yours as those of the music industry, makes that album one of the better ones that the band has already released. Oh yes, and of course those fast pieces should not be forgotten. Those musical highlights that put a grin on your face and immediately make you jump out of that chair, turn the volume knob and start to bang your head and jump around so that you “almost” got that vase, you got as a gift from your grandparents last year, got shot from your fireplace.

Become The Hunter just has it all and before you realize it, you’ll hear those last notes of the album and you hear Eddie shouting the album title one more time on a deep, slow grunt. Suddenly you stand still, the music disappears and there is a brief silence in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else that you are at that moment. But that grin that you got forty minutes ago is still there and you think to yourself: what a worthy tribute to Mitch and they also put their name on the map again with the message: Watch out, because we are all back and we are going to show you all that we cannot done so easily.


  1. Meltdown
  2. Two Steps
  3. Feel Alive
  4. Love Me To Death
  5. In Hiding
  6. Death’s Anxiety
  7. Skin Tight
  8. The Scythe
  9. Seren Obscene
  10. Disaster Valley
  11. Become The Hunter

More info about Suicide Silence:

Album review: Guardians by August Burns Red

Guardians is again a masterpiece of music with a great switch between symphonic pieces and rough, yet shivering music.

Metalcore band August Burns Red dropped their new album today and it is again a high quality, technical play. 

For the past years the guys of ABR have been continuing getting their levels up and yes, they did it again. The new album, called: Guardians, is again going up in line seen from the previous album that also was a stunning piece of music. 

Every time when the five guys drop some new materials it is something that blows not only it’s fans away, but also the whole metal scene. This scene, unlike some people think, is a group of close friends. Bands like Architects, Parkway Drive, Bring me the horizon, etc. don’t see each other as a family, rather than seeing each other as rivals.

In 2016, the band Architects gone through a rough period in their lives. That, because their guitarist Tom Searle passed away due to cancer. What other bands did for this disastrous happening, was something that not only gave the band members of architects shivers, but also the fans of the band a lump in the throat, or even tears in the eyes. Bands from the entire scene payed tributes to Tom, playing a very emotional song of their own, dedicated towards him and that personally brought tears to my eyes too. 

Back to August burns red. Today they celebrate the release of their new album. Guardians counts eleven songs on the tracklist. The album starts off immediately with a melodic introduction and rushes off quite a few seconds after the start. Something that is very familiar to the albums of this great band. Going further on the list, The band keeps it greatly balanced with heavy drums, heavy guitars and awesome screams. Only to shut that all off a couple of minutes later and bring the listeners a moment of zen. This they do with beautiful guitar play that let the fans dreaming away in the sound and giving them the opportunity to reflect their lives, days, … 

Overall the band has done it again in this new album, including using their trademark: Ending the album with a piece of music that gives you, as listener, instantly shivers. 

For more information about the band or the new album go to their website: https://augustburnsred.com or to their Facebook page.

Legendary band Queen, back from never being away.

“We are the champions. Don’t stop me now. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy.”

They are all sentences from lyrics of songs by one of the world’s most famous British bands. Queen has therefore worked hard to reach that top. You can still see the result of this today. Take to the streets and ask ten unknowns if they have ever heard of the band Queen and all ten will give you almost the same answer: Of course we know Queen.

The early years of Queen.

The band Queen, formerly called Smile, took its first steps in the music world in 1968 when Brian May founded the band together with Tim Staffel. In doing so, they relied upon Roger Taylor as their drummer. Immediately with the start of the band, Freddie, previously called farrokh but he changed that name himself, was introduced to the band and immediately became a fan of it. Freddie was present at every Smile performance and he always had a great time there.

In 1970, Tim decided to quit, so the boys had to look for a new singer. Freddie, who was already a vocalist for the band Wreckage at that time, was approached by the boys because of this and he decided to switch to Smile. Not much later they also changed the name of the band to Queen. They did this to honor the Queen of England and also because Freddie liked to reflect with her. And so became Queen, the band that we still know to this day.

The life of a world star.

Freddie Mercury is an icon that still lives on in contemporary culture. You can go wherever you want, if the name Freddie Mercury falls you will see many eyes and ears sharpen. Freddie, or Farrokh Bulsara what his real name was, has therefore left a big impression. He therefore had a very big personality.

In his life he was often alone. That was something he didn’t like as much and he showed that too. He often attended the most eccentric parties, or organized them himself. But despite that, he was always there. He was always 100 percent committed to his music, because that was his life. He proved the latter by performing with Queen on Live Aid in 1985, which was organized by Bob Geldof in aid of the famine in Ethiopia. Because the gentlemen of the well-known band were known for that as well. Their commitment to equal opportunities and the rise against injustice.

It then also was a huge shock on that all-changing November 24, 1991 for the world when news came that Freddie had died at his London home. Many call it the end of an era.


Since 2014, 23 years after we said goodbye to this great man, Queen has come up with a big surprise. They have a new world tour planned. They already did this with a hologram of Freddie who sang the songs, but since 2014 they have been doing it with a new singer who wants to do Freddie a lot of honor.

For this tough job, Queen appeals to Adam Lambert who finished second in 2009 in American Idol. Before that he received a lot of praise and the Queen’s men had also seen and heard their songs sing with almost as much style as Freddie would have done. Those versions were so well received that they immediately started negotiating with Adam.

Now they have been touring for several years and that does Adam, Brian May and Roger Taylor a lot of pleasure. They still have a lot of fun and you will notice that when they are on stage and fully indulge in the songs, which over time have grown into the world’s greatest hits of all time.

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