SIRENIA Releases Energetic Third Single, Cover of Desireless’ ‘80s Hit: Voyage Voyage. New Album Out Now!

French-Norwegian symphonic metal institution SIRENIA will unveil their tenth studio album, Riddles, Ruins & Revelations, this Friday, February 12 via Napalm Records. The 11-track album skilfully portrays the band’s multifaceted nature and offers a versatile symphonic metal vortex through splicing heavy sounds with modern influences.

After releasing catchy first single “Addiction No. 1” in late 2020, followed by smashing “We Come To Ruins” shortly after, the four-piece around mastermind, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer Morten Veland now offers another surprise and presents the third single, “Voyage Voyage“, a cover of Desireless‘ 1986 hit. With this bonus track on Riddles, Ruins & Revelations,SIRENIA once again successfully combine symphonic soundscapes with electronic vibes, showcasing a whole new facet of their ability while staying true to their roots at the same time. Presented in her mother tongue, the lyrics fit perfectly for France-based singer Emmanuelle Zoldan.

Mastermind Morten Veland on choosing “Voyage Voyage” for the album:

“As our new album is influenced by the eighties to some extent, we thought it would be fitting to do a cover version from this era, and include it as a bonus track on the album. ‘Voyage Voyage’ by the artist Desireless is one of my favourite songs from this decade and it was a very interesting song to cover. In terms of covers, I love to find songs from a completely different genre and then put SIRENIA’s touch and sound to it. It never made any sense to me to do a cover version of a different rock or metal band, as the versions would end up too similar anyway.”

Join SIRENIA and dive into some ‘80s vibes with “Voyage Voyage” here.

A modern ride straight into the heart of symphonic metal!

On Riddles, Ruins & Revelations,SIRENIA remain as true to their album title word-play as they do to their dedication to symphonic soundscapes, drawing the listener into a pounding narrative about the darkest aspects of life. All eleven songs accumulate step by step to an integral sound artwork, where the versatile mezzo soprano voice of singer Emmanuelle Zoldan always shines in high-profile. In addition, there are many enchanting, instrumental surprises lurking on the way that absolutely need to be discovered: With the opening “Addiction No. 1” the formation delivers an immense and catchy tune that will have fans of bands like Beyond The Black and Amaranthe falling in love immediately. “We Come To Ruins” is directed at all the headbangers out there and offers a contrast of harshness. With “Downwards Spiral”, Emmanuelle is supported by the remarkable voice of long-time friend Joakim Næss on clean vocals, who has joined the band on previous releases.

Most parts of Riddles, Ruins & Revelations were recorded at Audio Avenue Studios in Stavanger, Norway, and mixed and mastered entirely by Morten Veland himself.

Morten Veland states:

Riddles, Ruins & Revelations is SIRENIA’s tenth studio album. The album is very diverse, as a SIRENIA album should be. There’s a lot of material that shows the band from a new side, and there is lots of material that is to be expected from the band musically. All in all, the album will take the listeners through a journey that will cover both familiar and unexplored musical landscapes. We hope that you will enjoy the journey.”

Preorder Riddles, Ruins & Revelations here.

Album art.


  1. Addiction No. 1
  2. Towards An Early Grave
  3. Into Infinity
  4. Passing Seasons
  5. We Come To Ruins
  6. Downwards Spiral
  7. Beneath The Midnight Sun
  8. The Timeless Waning
  9. December Snow
  10. This Curse Of Mine
  11. Voyage Voyage

Riddles, Ruins & Revelations will be available in the following formats:

-CD Digipack + Wristband

-CD Digipack

-Digital Album

[CD Digipack + Wristband – Napalm Shop]


Morten Veland – guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming

Nils Courbaron – lead guitar

Emmanuelle Zoldan – vocals

Michael Brush – drums

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Official Website



Napalm Records

TRAGEDY IN HOPE Debut Full-Length Sleep Paralysis Out Now

Album Artwork

Saint Petersburg (RU) – Russia’s TRAGEDY IN HOPE have released their full-length debut album Sleep Paralysis. The album is a conceptual horror story wrapped in eight multidimensional tracks of progressive black metal. describes Sleep Paralysis as “a paragon of authenticity, a project soaked in passion and foresight such that it bleeds with brilliance in every note.”
This epic, self-released album is now available for streaming, download and limited edition CD, which features a 20-page booklet.
Order Sleep Paralysis now at:
The story told in the album’s lyrics is as gripping as it is chilling. Guitarist, vocalist, and composer Sasha Giller describes it as follows:
“The story you are going to hear isn’t only a trip across the dark dream world; it is also the story of fighting with yourself. It’s the story about how strong you can get once you accept yourself as you are.
The story of the album starts when the protagonist wakes up in a dream and goes to the mirror where he sees a twisted image of himself, the phantom monster of sleep paralysis. He escapes the place he found himself in, trying to run away from the bleak reality. He flies among white clouds trying to find a rainbow, but falls to the ground when thunderclouds and a storm come.
The world beneath the clouds is filled with rains and a piercing cold. To find a rainbow there seems to be impossible and the darkness slowly starts to swallow him as many others before. He doesn’t give up chasing it, but the truth is, it is him, who is the phantom monster behind the mirror. He is just the mind projection of the true protagonist, who sleeps paralysed seeing nightmares. He tries to explain to the true protagonist that they are two parts of the whole one and only if they accept each other, they both will be able to escape the dark world they are stuck in.
But when sleep paralysis finally ends, a lucid dream starts again.”

Track Listing:

  1. Lucid Dream
  2. The Celebration Of Despair And Woe
  3. Fighting With The Rain
  4. Winter Wedding Ceremony
  5. The Mistress Of Dark Art
  6. Nightmare Lullaby
  7. Insomnious Autumn Night
  8. Sleep Paralysis

Album Credits:

Album written by Sasha Giller

Mixing, mastering and producing by Vladimir Lehtinen

Guitars and vocals were recorded by Sasha Giller

Drums were recorded by Alexander Dovgan

Artwork by Alexander Moroz

CD design by Aleh Zielankievič

Photos by Egor Taktaev

Sasha Giller – guitars and vocals

Alexander Dovgan’ – drums

Back in 2017 a musician enthusiast Sasha Giller from Saint Petersburg, Russia started a metal band under the name of Tragedy In Hope. With the help of drummer Alexander Dovgan’, Sasha has put out a few singles, a demo, and an EP album since the inception of the band.
Its music can be described as black metal based, but the members find this definition rather limiting. In writing the music Sasha tries to convey a certain emotion whether it is rational madness, airy heaviness or just, as strange as it may sound, happy sadness. One does not necessarily exclude another.

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Official Website




Sludge/doom act: Discarded Self comes with new song, called: Orbitoclast. New album also shortly available!

Sludge/doom act Discarded Self has posted the new song, “Orbitoclast” at their Bandcamp page.

The song comes from Discarded Self’s upcoming self-titled album, due out on April 30th via Sarcophagus Recordings. The album was recorded at Doom Tomb Studios in Lloydminster, Alberta Canada.

Jarret Beach, the person behind the one-man-band that is Discarded Self has this to say about the song “Orbitoclast”:

“The song Orbitoclast is a collection of riffs and vocal ideas I actually started this project with. It starts off slow, but gets straight down to it with a thrashy section that has shredding vocals bleeding all over it. For those that aren’t aware, an Orbitoclast is the instrument that is hammered into a person’s brain, when they were the poor individual who received a lobotomy in the late 40’s early 50’s. The song is of course about the horrifying practice of lobotomy, but has an extra hidden meaning. It’s a metaphor for giving your trust to someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind, and only their own personal interest, with no concern of who they damage along the way.”

Flooding forth with misery and hate comes the first album from Discarded Self, the Canadian solo project from Jarret “Fuzzgod” Beach, who’s also a member of the bands Destroy My Brains and Ashes of Yggdrasil. Created during a time of personal isolation, the album “Discarded Self” ranges from tales of the macabre to introspective trips into self-loathing and personal degradation that dredge up terrible memories of the past to drown in personal regret. There is no hope for the future here.

Pre-orders through the bands Bandcamp page are available now, with other pre-orders opening soon through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Napster, Deezer, Tik Tok and Tidal.

Discarded Self album cover

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Find out more about Sarcophagus recordings here!

Find out more about Doom Tomb recording studio here!

DECAYED FLESH Release Official Video for “Sclerosis”

Indonesian Brutal Death Metal trio DECAYED FLESH have released the official video for “Sclerosis,” a track from last year’s Eternal Misery album. Check out the video at
Eternal Misery was released June 13 on Brutal Mind. Purchase and stream it below!
Purchase/Stream Eternal Misery:


Brutal Mind


On Eternal Misery, intensity, detailed riffage, and powerful songwriting are brought to you by these vicious flesh eaters. The album contains 10 tracks of pure brutal death metal, reminding one of a past golden era. Recommend for fans of DEEDS OF FLESH, SEVERED SAVIOR, and INVERACITY.


  1. Into Eternity
  2. Abyss of Misery
  3. Desperate Soul
  4. Sclerosis
  5. Psychiatric Illness
  6. Omnipotent Hypocrisy
  7. Madness
  8. Endless Anxiety
  9. Eternal Suffering
  10. Insidious Delusion

Lukman Robi Andika (Drums)

Anggit Rizky (Bass And Vocals)

Wasis Setiawan (Guitar And Vocals)

To find out more about the band, check following links:

Official Website




New song: White Rabbit, By The Simple Radicals. Out March the fifth!

The Simple Radicals

Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” is probably one of the most iconic and recognizable songs in rock. John Malkin and John Griffin of the Chicago-based rock band The Simple Radicals used to cover that song in a band they played in several years ago and it always brought the house down. They always wanted to do their own version.  And they have. They’ve collaborated with husband/wife duo Che-Val on a psychedelic pop version of “White Rabbit” that will certainly bring the house down for old and new fans of this classic song. 

The song will officially be released worldwide at midnight on March 5th but fans of the band and the song can be the first to hear it by pre-saving the song on Spotify and/or Apple Music through the link

Produced by Kenny Cash at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, Connecticut and mixed by multi-platinum/gold award winning producer Earl Cohen (Tina Turner, Nelly, Usher, Lady Gaga), the song is intoxicating and ethereal and fans of classic rock, as well as artists like BANKS, Massive Attack and Shaed, will love it.

The song will officially be released on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms on Friday March 5th at midnight. 

The band is encouraging people to pre-save the song on Spotify and/or Apple Music through this link

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Official Website



New single: Meteor by Architects, out now!

British metalcore band: architects has done it again. A few weeks ago they released their first single, animals for their upcoming album: For Those That Wish To Exist, followed not much later with a second single, called: Dead Butterflies.

Now they are here once again with the third single for this album, called: Meteor.

It’s a bit heavier song with much variety of influences and once again a great message behind it: the feelings we al feel right now with everything going on around us due to the Covid pandemic. This song really is an eye opener for all people who have been quietly watching the things happening around them. It is time to get back up on your feet and do something worth living for.

The new album: For Those That Wish To Exist, shall be released the 26th of February. Be sureto get your copy of you’re a big fan of the band and help them out!

Check out the new single here!

To find out more about the band, check following links:

Official website




Czech Band: Blitz Union comes with new single called: Plastics.

BLITZ UNION is a new visionary music project and creative force that combines infectious EDM elements with electrifying Rock and Roll. 

The band’s message is poignant – as their lyrics highlight alarming issues that humanity faces in today’s uncertain world along with a sense of urgency, whilst providing hope and inspiration! 

Blitz Union features a creative power force that consists of Mark Blitz, Schtorm, Governor and Shodushi and collectively they aim to recruit fans worldwide, empowering their message, creating positive social change and furthering their call to action. 

The band’s latest EP was recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, forging a truly unique and global sound, however, Blitz Union doesn’t just create music—they create an experience, a movement and a natural union.

Together this Union shares a common message and belief, which is found in their indelible creed of “Spirit. Vision. Power. Desire. Action.

They have released a new song recently called: Plastics. From the band’s perspective, the song brings next message forward:

“Many people have expressed their views on plastics and the problems associated with them, with their overproduction. But no one cares how it is the other way around. What do plastics think of people….?“

Another vision from them is also:

My fate is service, was filled so fast, you used me once, thrown away like trash…”

Check the song out here and give the band a like if you’re a fan of the music!

To find out more about the band, see following links:

Official Website






Swiss Nu-Metal Band Sickret comes with new song, called: Worship!

Imagine, LIMP BIZKIT, DEFTONES, CLAWFINGER and KORN would decide to take a vacation together in Switzerland to write a new song together. This is exactly what the new single “WORSHIP” from Sickret sounds like!
The band finally return with their first single of the year. Sickret combines Nu- & Rapmetal with modern elements & shows how this genre should sound today.
For those of you who don’t know SICKRET yet: Founded in 2010, the band has already played over 170 concerts in 8 different countries. Sickret played shows, they shared the stage with renowned bands like MAD BALL, SKINDRED, JINJER, CRAZY TOWN, CLAWFINGER, JONATHAN DAVIS (KORN) and many others. With 3 albums under the belt, official chart placements & a huge fan base, Sickret will smash you in the face with a masterpiece.
With a lot of power and catchy fragments they’ve just created a very current song! 

To find out more about Sickret, check following links:

Official Website




Official Merchandise

Thorium comes with second single for the second album called: Empires In The Sun.

Today, FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5th, THORIUM has released their second official video single ‘Empires in the Sun’, off their long-awaited second album of the same name.

“’Empires in the Sun’ explores the age-old notion of the ephemeral nature of greatness and glory; on how even the proudest and most unshakable achievements, institutions and ambitions are ultimately destined to be swept under by the tides of time. In the lyrics we present a character, driven by wild ambition to build, to rule – and ultimately to conquer and subjugate. Taking a cue from Percy Shelley’s classic ‘Ozymandias’, the ruler forges his mighty works with a cruel and terrible hand, certain they will stand for all eternity and for all to see; yet for all their grandeur, the lone and level sands are all that remain, in the end.” – Tom Tee


THORIUM’s sophomore album ‘Empires in the Sun’ will be released March 5th 2021 via Freya Records. The record is now available for pre-order via this link:

The album will be available on black vinyl, gold vinyl, yellow/blue swirl vinyl (limited availability), on CD, and on all online streaming platforms. All pre-orders (before March 5th 2021) will receive several exclusive items from the band.

EMPIRES IN THE SUN track-list:
01. Dreams of Empire (a pastorale) (0:53)
02. Exquisite (3:52)
03. Powder and Arms II (3:08)
04. Where Do We Go (4:34)
05. More Than Meets The Eye (4:42)
06. Empires in the Sun (5:12)
07. The Old Generation (4:44)
08. Winterfall (5:15)
09. Itching and Aching (Dead-Eyed Society) (3:18)
10. 1302 – The Minstrel part I (2:09)
11. 1302 – The Golden Shadow (13:02)
12. 1302 – The Minstrel part II (2:15)

The album was produced by Tom Tee. Mixing and mastering were once again handled by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio in San Marino, Italy.
The cover artwork was painted by Velio Josto (

For the epic trilogy ‘1302’, the band acquired the help of several renowned guest vocalists: Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon), Benny ‘Zors’ Willaert (23 Acez), Joe Van Audenhove (Evil Invaders) and Anneleen Olbrechts. Moreover, Norman Eshley (Blind Guardian) lent his warm voice to provide the narration on a selection of songs.

Fans can follow the band on their favourite social platform:

Thorium are:
David Marcelis – vocals
Tom Tee – guitars
Dario Frodo – guitars
Stripe – bass
Louis Van der Linden – drums

To Find out more about the band and their work, check following links:

Official Website




Captain Naysayer comes with self-titled debut album. Out February 13!

Captain Naysayer started as a wet dream of Daan and Evert from rockband The DeVilles.

They were looking for other musicians to share in an adventure of 70’s inspired rock and roll.

Lucky for them, bass player Bazz Bear of Mimi Lebonq liked their way of thinking and joined them in their quest.

After some jamming between the three of them, they decided they needed to add some more notes to the mix.

Where guitars fail, keys conquer.

Young Tom, once a history student from Daan’s class and old-school blues guy, joined them on keyboards.

Now they just needed a voice to represent their groovy tunes.

They posted a hot post online to lure in some candidates, and Arthur took the bait.

He had to come all the way from Brazil to find some suitable musicians, but for great music, we’re willing to make some miles.

The album starts off with a strange noise, as if you get sucked into something far away from the reality. But when the music starts, a couple seconds later, you’ll get the point of the strange opener.

The band brings you everything that classic rock ‘n’ roll should give you: everything you need to spontaneously feel the glam taking over.

Complete with dusty rock ‘n’ roll drums, a groovy guitar-riff and a sensual, yet powerful voice of the frontman, this album is the perfect recipe to sink away in your sofa with a pint of beer or even the complet opposite. Turn the volume completely open and you’ll automatically start head-banging through the entire house with your imaginary microphone, which is actually your broom. Good thing tho, the house is cleaned meanwhile, so win-win.

The album therefor is a really good thing to have and listen to when you are someone who, every once in a while, needs something to clear your head. This album is the perfect match for it.

Artwork Self-titled album: Captain Naysayer.


  1. Black Silhouette
  2. Changes
  3. Voodoo Lovin’
  4. I See Danger
  5. Blue Eyed Mask
  6. Living Again

To find out more about the band, check following links:

Official Website





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