Rise Against is back, from never being away! New Album: Nowhere Generation, out now.

“A new album from Rise Against is always fun, and this one hits like a bomb right away!” We all have bands or artists that we close in our hearts and when they release something new it’s an instant hit. Rise Against is definitely one of them.  Their new album: Nowhere Generation starts with aContinue reading “Rise Against is back, from never being away! New Album: Nowhere Generation, out now.”

Old School Death Metal band with roots in both Czech and UK; Symbtomy, Release first Demo! Out Now!

SYMBTOMY is an old school death metal band from Czech and United Kingdom. SYMBTOMY dust off the old practices of the 90’s and pay tribute to the bands from the same era. DEMO#1 contains three songs in the style of Swedish death metal and is enriched by a variety of very interesting guests – JonnyContinue reading “Old School Death Metal band with roots in both Czech and UK; Symbtomy, Release first Demo! Out Now!”

Album Review: Hypnopompia, By Destroy Humanity. Album Out Now!

“Destroy Humanity is a three-headed metal-collective. Heavily influenced by bands like Lamb of God, Machine Head, Pantera,… they bring their own take on the Groove Metal genre.“ After seeing the trio perform live last weekend, obviously covid proof through a live stream session, I immediately fell in love with the band’s music and their actContinue reading “Album Review: Hypnopompia, By Destroy Humanity. Album Out Now!”

Album review: Rubedo by Shuulak.

“SHUULAK tells tales of alchemy, the occult and man’s desire to doom itself; all delivered in an energetic live show. “ SHUULAK is a Dutch Metal band whose otherworldly songs explore man’s obsession with things that would only destroy him. Unfettered by trends and uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence; their music stands as a testament toContinue reading “Album review: Rubedo by Shuulak.”

Album review: Rare by CatEaters.

CatEaters are a german glam-punk band and that is truly the correct pronunciation when listening to their music. As their Bio describes: “If you want to arouse interest, you have to attract attention.” Well, that sentence became some sort of mission in which the foursome succeeded gloriously. Also the bands purpose is sentenced correctly, namely:Continue reading “Album review: Rare by CatEaters.”

Album review: Continuum by Cathubodua

Cathubodua was born in 2013, with the hope of bringing epic stories and bombastic symphonies to the world. Their first EP was released in 2016 and since then they have been constantly improving. Those improvements are clearly recognizable in their new album: Continuum. Cathubodua brings you a unique sound with splendid metal-influenced basis. That uniqueContinue reading “Album review: Continuum by Cathubodua”

Album Review: Eidolon by Lunar

After the debut album: Theogony, which was released in 2017, had gained many great reviews it quickly went on to become number 23th on Prog-Sphere’s top albums of 2017. In the spring of 2018 however, the band suffered a dramatic loss of their guitar player: Ryan Erwin. Due to this loss, the band had beenContinue reading “Album Review: Eidolon by Lunar”

Album Review: No Place To Hide by Horrorwish.

Gio Smet is a very great musician. He already has a very rich history when it comes to making music and he worked with many other artists that had led to many great songs and albums, including this darker one, called: No place to hide. As the name of the band does ring a bellContinue reading “Album Review: No Place To Hide by Horrorwish.”

Album review: Hell Will Come For Us All by Aversions Crown.

“The band does everything in their power to overcome evil!” “Hell will come for us all”, especially if you like to listen to metal and don’t care about what is happening here on earth. The band: Aversions Crown, clearly shares this opinion with you and you can hear that in their eponymous album. Hell comesContinue reading “Album review: Hell Will Come For Us All by Aversions Crown.”

Album review: Sanctorium – Ornaments.

Sanctorium is a Russian symphonic metal band from saint- Petersburg, originated in 2005. They are on the road for more than a decade and have done many concerts during their fifteen years of making music and bringing it to the people. The band has also released three albums during their existence and the last oneContinue reading “Album review: Sanctorium – Ornaments.”

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