Interview with Fireforce!

A couple of days ago I had the fantastic chance to do an interview with the Belgian metal legends of the great band: Fireforce. As many of the metal fans around probably will know this great legendary band, a big introduction won’t be necessary. Everything you don’t know yet, is now to be revealed inContinue reading “Interview with Fireforce!”

Interview with: Devil’s Desire

Thanks to Mike De Coene and Hardlife Promotions, I had the chance to do an interview with the friendly fellows of Devil’s Desire. We talked about many things and the Q&A that happened back then can be found back here. Enjoy! 1) Introduce yourself shortly: I am Gio Smet, guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer. Known from other projects suchContinue reading “Interview with: Devil’s Desire”

Interview with Dorian Gates of Ghost Season

A couple of weeks ago I have reviewed Ghost season’s new music. In the meantime I had also had the opportunity to have a chat with the guys. This is what the band had to say on a couple of questions I’ve thrown at them. 1) Introduce yourself shortly: GHOST SEASON is Dorian Gates onContinue reading “Interview with Dorian Gates of Ghost Season”

Interview with The Maension.

A bit more than a year ago I had the opportunity to see a great band in small village nearby. This band has been going on ever since and now we have also had the opportunity to talk about the changes that has been going on for all of us. Me Mark had a greatContinue reading “Interview with The Maension.”

Interview with: The dirty denims.

The dirty denims are a Happy hardrock band who find their roots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Started in 2006, means that they are already fourteen years on the road and still counting. For a dutch band, that is really something. So who are they? I had the huge opportunity to have an interview withContinue reading “Interview with: The dirty denims.”

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