Fate Collides

This storyline is not yet complete and will be updated by chapters. First two parts are complete! Storylist: Fate Collides Part One: Casa Musica Fate Collides Part Two: Shivers Fate Collides Part three: Reborn (Updated by chapters!) Fate Collides Part One: Casa Musica Michiel and Thomas are the formers of a music duo called: CasaContinue reading “Fate Collides”

Casa Musica Full Story.

First three chapters available for free down here!! Chapter one: Casa Musica The coldest day of the winter so far, was drawing to a close. The village Etely Mountain was laying motionless under a thick blanket of snow. The chimneys puffed out thick clouds of smoke, and the streets were deserted. No human nor animalContinue reading “Casa Musica Full Story.”

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