New single: ‘Bullets and Bandages’ by Everlit. Out now!

Everlit is a Hardrock outfit from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since the start of their band they haven’t been quiet and that has resulted in a vast amount of songs through the years. They have already shared stages with a numerous amount of bands, such as: Avenged Sevenfold, In This Moment, 36 Crazyfists and many more. TheContinue reading “New single: ‘Bullets and Bandages’ by Everlit. Out now!”

Interview with: The dirty denims.

The dirty denims are a Happy hardrock band who find their roots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Started in 2006, means that they are already fourteen years on the road and still counting. For a dutch band, that is really something. So who are they? I had the huge opportunity to have an interview withContinue reading “Interview with: The dirty denims.”

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