In loving Memory, chapter five: Meat Loaf.

I would do anything to bring back the artists who passed away. These brilliant musicians who made the world shine brighter with their spectacular talents, even if it just means shining a bit brighter.. It’s those artist who bring tears to our eyes, love to our hearts and joy to our lives. It is neverContinue reading “In loving Memory, chapter five: Meat Loaf.”

In loving memory, chapter four: Bob Marley.

Who shot the sheriff? When there’s no woman, there’s no crying. He claimed to be the shooter that killed a sheriff, but in reality, Bob Marley; real name: Robert Nesta Marley, never killed anyone. He was a influential artist who has changed the music industry forever.

In Loving Memory, Chapter One: Tommy DeVito.

With this group they gained most of their success with songs like: Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Working My Way Back To You, and December 1963. A documentary movie, called: ‘The Jersey Boys’ was made as an honor to their career in 2014. Tommy DeVito died on September 21, 2020 at the royal age ofContinue reading “In Loving Memory, Chapter One: Tommy DeVito.”

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