French Power Duo: Daft Punk, Calls It Quits!

When you say Daft Punk, many people probably will know who you’re talking about. The Electro-House-power duo from France has then also became a well known act all around the world. They brought powerful and inspiring music that touched probably many people’s hearts and gave them a nudge so you couldn’t stand still everytime theirMeer lezen over “French Power Duo: Daft Punk, Calls It Quits!”

Funny how time slips away.

When you say the name Elvis Presley, there will not be a person alive saying: ‘Who is that?’ Elvis was, and still is, an icon in the music industry. Today it is 43 years ago that the king of rock and roll passed away due to illness. His death however still keeps bringing up questionsMeer lezen over “Funny how time slips away.”