Album Review: Hypnopompia, By Destroy Humanity. Album Out Now!

“Destroy Humanity is a three-headed metal-collective. Heavily influenced by bands like Lamb of God, Machine Head, Pantera,… they bring their own take on the Groove Metal genre.“ After seeing the trio perform live last weekend, obviously covid proof through a live stream session, I immediately fell in love with the band’s music and their actContinue reading “Album Review: Hypnopompia, By Destroy Humanity. Album Out Now!”

First single and lyric video by Belgian metal band: La Nausée.

In January 2021 sludge metal band La Nausée released their first single ‘SPLIT’, accompanied by a lyric video. Check the song out here. La Nausée is a new sludge metal project hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Inspired by Belgian bands like STAKE, DRUMS ARE FOR PARADES and RAKETKANON, who regularly played hometown Ghent, but also influenced by international actsContinue reading “First single and lyric video by Belgian metal band: La Nausée.”

Album review: From The Otherside by Ghost Season.

Ghost Season is a high energy alternative metal band from Athens in Greece. They started out in 2013. Originally it was an idea of Dorian Gates, who plays bass. He quickly got back up from a guitarist, named: Nick Christolis. And so Ghost Season became reality. Since then they have been working their way toContinue reading “Album review: From The Otherside by Ghost Season.”

Album review: Second life by Chaoseum out on September, 25th!

Forming in 2018, Chaoseum emerged from the musical minds of four Swiss mates, hailing from different corners of Switzerland. They got together by passion and their huge influence of metal music, having performed together in symphonic/power-metal act Elferya. With Chaoseum, they develop their personal horizon in a different type of music and style, and theContinue reading “Album review: Second life by Chaoseum out on September, 25th!”

New single: Rocker MF by Red Devil.

Red Devil is a 3-headed, no bullshit, rock ‘n roll band from Eindhoven and they are on a collision course. With this band you can expect rock songs that are played with a lot of power and energy. They also have a new EP out, called: Shake Your World. This one can be found onContinue reading “New single: Rocker MF by Red Devil.”

Album review: Continuum by Cathubodua

Cathubodua was born in 2013, with the hope of bringing epic stories and bombastic symphonies to the world. Their first EP was released in 2016 and since then they have been constantly improving. Those improvements are clearly recognizable in their new album: Continuum. Cathubodua brings you a unique sound with splendid metal-influenced basis. That uniqueContinue reading “Album review: Continuum by Cathubodua”

Album Review: No Place To Hide by Horrorwish.

Gio Smet is a very great musician. He already has a very rich history when it comes to making music and he worked with many other artists that had led to many great songs and albums, including this darker one, called: No place to hide. As the name of the band does ring a bellContinue reading “Album Review: No Place To Hide by Horrorwish.”

New Album: Usurper by River Of Souls, out now!

River Of Souls started their journey in 2014 In the Netherlands. They are mostly described as a doomed heavy death metal band and with all the right reasons. They released their first debut album in 2017 under the name: The Well Of Urd and after many positive reactions, their EP ‘The Nihilist’, followed in 2018Continue reading “New Album: Usurper by River Of Souls, out now!”

EP review Powerstroke.

Powerstroke is a Belgian metalband, started in 2007 and haven’t been quiet ever since. They have a bunch of own songs recorded already. their fist EP is called: ‘Dikke Zeuge’ translated to english it means: Fat Female Pig. The Ep starts heavy immediately, with fast forward drums and guitars. There’s a great switch between screamsContinue reading “EP review Powerstroke.”