Short Story: Make music, not war.

In Flanders fields, history is still present today. What happened there during the first World War is known to all. But there are still things that happened there which we don’t know yet. Who were all the brave young men who gave their lives to defend the citizens of a small country. A country that,Continue reading “Short Story: Make music, not war.”

New song: What If by Myosotis, Out Now.

Metalcore band: Myosotis from Hamburg in Germany has released their new single on July 17 through Blood Blast Distribution, in cooperation with Nuclear blast. ‘What if’ is the first song released after their first release in 2018. It is mixed and mastered at Sawdust Recordings. The song is a great combination of heavy metalcore, mixedContinue reading “New song: What If by Myosotis, Out Now.”

New single from Major Moment: the flood. Out now.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to have an amazing interview with Major Moment. Now their back again, this time to promote their new single, called: The Flood. The flood starts off with an upbeat and a very nice melody. Not long after the intro, the first lines are sung on aContinue reading “New single from Major Moment: the flood. Out now.”

Legendary band Queen, back from never being away.

“We are the champions. Don’t stop me now. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy.” They are all sentences from lyrics of songs by one of the world’s most famous British bands. Queen has therefore worked hard to reach that top. You can still see the result of this today. Take to theContinue reading “Legendary band Queen, back from never being away.”

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