Fabulae Dramatis comes with new single and video!

Fabulae Dramatis is an eclectic, diverse and open minded band that blends avant-garde and progressive metal genres. Music beyond borders, genres and cultures; heavy guitar riffs; harmonious jazz saxophone melodies; a mix of tango and metal; ethnic beats and percussion; different styles of voices such as opera, hard rock and grunts – that’s what youMeer lezen over “Fabulae Dramatis comes with new single and video!”

Major Moment comes with surprising version of their latest single.

A couple of months ago, Major Moment released a new song single, called: The Flood. After gaining much support for this, the Boston-based hard rockers have given it a fresh coat. What originally was released as a wake up call intended to spread the world, has now been been reworked into a chilling piano-driven balladMeer lezen over “Major Moment comes with surprising version of their latest single.”

New single: Rocker MF by Red Devil.

Red Devil is a 3-headed, no bullshit, rock ’n roll band from Eindhoven and they are on a collision course. With this band you can expect rock songs that are played with a lot of power and energy. They also have a new EP out, called: Shake Your World. This one can be found onMeer lezen over “New single: Rocker MF by Red Devil.”

New Single: “Juggernaut by Fatality, Out Now.

Fatality, a four-piece metal band from Essex in the UK, has a new single out, called: ‘Juggernaut’. The song is a great mix of metal and rock and has a various number of influences included in the song. The video is filmed and edited by Talon Payne of Gallow Wood Media and is recorded andMeer lezen over “New Single: “Juggernaut by Fatality, Out Now.”

New single: ‘Bullets and Bandages’ by Everlit. Out now!

Everlit is a Hardrock outfit from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since the start of their band they haven’t been quiet and that has resulted in a vast amount of songs through the years. They have already shared stages with a numerous amount of bands, such as: Avenged Sevenfold, In This Moment, 36 Crazyfists and many more. TheMeer lezen over “New single: ‘Bullets and Bandages’ by Everlit. Out now!”

New single: ‘Gravity’ by Five Crumbs. Out August 28th.

Five Crumbs hasn’t been on the road for very long yet, but do have achieved great things already. From reaching 30.000 streams on Spotify in a small amount of time, to the release of two EP’s. In short the band has their mind set on doing great things with their band, that is born andMeer lezen over “New single: ‘Gravity’ by Five Crumbs. Out August 28th.”

New single: ‘Life Is Temporary’ by Vyce Versa. Out Now.

Life is temporary. That phrase is both beautiful and scary at the same time, but it also true. Nobody shall live forever and that is what the alternative rockers from Phoenix, Arizona perfectly describe in their new single. In Life is temporary, the guys from Vyce Versa perfectly describes the feeling of being able toMeer lezen over “New single: ‘Life Is Temporary’ by Vyce Versa. Out Now.”

New single by Wasting Time; My Limited French. Out Now.

Canadian band ‘Wasting time’ has a new single out today. My Limited French is the title of this new single and it’s a song that will make you spontaneously start head banging from the moment the song starts. Bringing back memories, it’s like you get your old playstation from under the dust and start upMeer lezen over “New single by Wasting Time; My Limited French. Out Now.”

New song: What If by Myosotis, Out Now.

Metalcore band: Myosotis from Hamburg in Germany has released their new single on July 17 through Blood Blast Distribution, in cooperation with Nuclear blast. ‘What if’ is the first song released after their first release in 2018. It is mixed and mastered at Sawdust Recordings. The song is a great combination of heavy metalcore, mixedMeer lezen over “New song: What If by Myosotis, Out Now.”

New single from Major Moment: the flood. Out now.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to have an amazing interview with Major Moment. Now their back again, this time to promote their new single, called: The Flood. The flood starts off with an upbeat and a very nice melody. Not long after the intro, the first lines are sung on aMeer lezen over “New single from Major Moment: the flood. Out now.”