The next chapter in the tale from Giotopia is about to begin.

Giotopia is heading further onto their journey of their epic fantasy tale. That, they do with a new album, called: Trinity Of Evil! For this album each song will be released one by one, in the form of a music video. Chapter one is called: A new Saga. It starts off with mysterious sounds andMeer lezen over “The next chapter in the tale from Giotopia is about to begin.”

Surprise new song by Finnish metal band: Joviac.

Finnish progressive metal band: Joviac, comes with surprising new song, called: Misplaced. It’s an intensively personal song for the band’s singer and guitarist because he wrote the lyrics when he was in a dark place in his life, dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. The emotions he felt back then leaked into this song,Meer lezen over “Surprise new song by Finnish metal band: Joviac.”

Song review: Party Animals by Atlas Star.

Party Animals tells the story of a guy who loves to party and thus also has to deal with the consequences of it. It gives a perfect vision of the fact that people are also just an animal species. Despite the fact that we have come further and have assembled many things that other animalsMeer lezen over “Song review: Party Animals by Atlas Star.”