Album review: From The Otherside by Ghost Season.

Ghost Season is a high energy alternative metal band from Athens in Greece. They started out in 2013. Originally it was an idea of Dorian Gates, who plays bass. He quickly got back up from a guitarist, named: Nick Christolis. And so Ghost Season became reality. Since then they have been working their way toMeer lezen over “Album review: From The Otherside by Ghost Season.”

New EP: No Dinner No Wine by The Rabids. Out Now!!

The Rabids are in town and have something important to say: No Dinner, No Wine! Well, that is of course because it’s the title of their new EP. The Rabids are a rock and punk-rock band from Wiekevorst, Antwerp. A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to do an interview with them andMeer lezen over “New EP: No Dinner No Wine by The Rabids. Out Now!!”

Album review: breathe by Liquid Therapy.

Liquid Therapy stands for pure rock and going full speed ahead. Their tight riffs and clean vocals are the band’s characteristics, together with the lyrics. When it comes to genre, Liquid Therapy can certainly not be put in a box. Various totally strange influences ensure that the repertoire can appeal to many people. The albumMeer lezen over “Album review: breathe by Liquid Therapy.”

Album review: Identity by Fight Like Sin.

Fight Like Sin is an aggressive hard rock band from Lafayette, Indiana. The group was formed in early 2012 by lead vocalist and guitarist Cody Hughes and drummer Tim Stepp. Drew Luigs would join the band as Bassist/backing vocals in 2015, and guitarist Kale Strange joined the group in 2019. Fight Like Sin brings youMeer lezen over “Album review: Identity by Fight Like Sin.”

New Album: Flags Will Fly Forever by Horror Dance Squad. Out Now!

Horror Dance Squad is a six-headed, modern metal formation from Estonia. They have been alive and kicking since 2014 and haven’t been quiet ever since. They have shared stages with many other bands before, including big names in the genre like: August Burns Red, Comeback Kid, Adept, Deez Nuts and many more. During the lastMeer lezen over “New Album: Flags Will Fly Forever by Horror Dance Squad. Out Now!”

New music video: Siren in the distance by Perseide.

Alternative rockers and metalheads from france: Perseide, has released a new videofor their song: Siren In The Distance. The song was written before the corona virus broke out and now the lyrics are a perfect match to the situation we are currently in. It’s a song about feelings of fake reality, that can be encounteredMeer lezen over “New music video: Siren in the distance by Perseide.”

New album: Lies… and all that jazz by Dead Fish Handshake. Out Now!

In 2011, two New Yorkers burst onto the scene with the debut album of their band: Dead Fish Handshake. Originally started as an acoustic project, Mathew Paul and Rob Ferreira quickly found out that their music and both guys’s talents were a match made in heaven. It then also came as no surprise for anyoneMeer lezen over “New album: Lies… and all that jazz by Dead Fish Handshake. Out Now!”

New single: Do it in L.A., by Ask Carol. Out Now!

Norwegian alt-pop duo Ask Carol comes with new single called: DO It In L.A. That, after the band got a setup for a big shot management in Los Angeles. The band was very excited about that but due to the events of what happened back April and effected the entire world, the shot got delayed.Meer lezen over “New single: Do it in L.A., by Ask Carol. Out Now!”

Surprise new song by Finnish metal band: Joviac.

Finnish progressive metal band: Joviac, comes with surprising new song, called: Misplaced. It’s an intensively personal song for the band’s singer and guitarist because he wrote the lyrics when he was in a dark place in his life, dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. The emotions he felt back then leaked into this song,Meer lezen over “Surprise new song by Finnish metal band: Joviac.”

New music video: Stick Under Your Skin by Chaoseum. Out now.

Forming in 2018, Chaoseum emerged from the musical minds of four Swiss mates, hailing from different corners of Switzerland. They got together by passion and their huge influence of metal music, having performed together in symphonic/power-metal act Elferya. With Chaoseum, they develop their personal horizon in a different type of music and style, and theMeer lezen over “New music video: Stick Under Your Skin by Chaoseum. Out now.”