The History Of Music, Part X: The Future Of Music.

Music has been with us for as long as we can remember. It has been an influence to mankind in many ways and has helped us overcome our fears, our emotions, our life. It’s a unique way of making us feel more connected with each other, but also with ourselves. Without music, the world wouldContinue reading “The History Of Music, Part X: The Future Of Music.”

The History Of Music, Part IX: The Nillies.

Changing from era is unique. Changing from century is extraordinary. Changing from millennium is something that not many people can say they’ve done that. People who have gone from 1999 to 2000 can say they have been part of an historical event. It will take many generations before it happens again. Same as an eraContinue reading “The History Of Music, Part IX: The Nillies.”

The History Of Music Part VIII:

The era that changed the music industry forever. Truly, madly, deeply, living la vida loca, cause in the 90’s era it was all about partying around and because of the popularization of electronic music, a party was never far away. That’s why the 90’s had a huge impact on the population who turned thirty yearsContinue reading “The History Of Music Part VIII:”

In loving memory, chapter four: Bob Marley.

Who shot the sheriff? When there’s no woman, there’s no crying. He claimed to be the shooter that killed a sheriff, but in reality, Bob Marley; real name: Robert Nesta Marley, never killed anyone. He was a influential artist who has changed the music industry forever.

The history of music, part VII: Don’t you forget about those classics.

Continuing the extension of music in genres, the eighties had a huge impact on people with bands and artists experiencing other instruments and tunes. Implying electronic and symphonic tunes into the songs, created a whole new era in the music industry.

The History of Music Part II: The Pillars Of The Musical World.

Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi,… Those are just a few of the legendary artists who kept music alive through the centuries. Classical music typically is made without voices or lyrics, but the melodies that created these legends were tended to be singable so that composers were able to replace singers and focus on the musicContinue reading “The History of Music Part II: The Pillars Of The Musical World.”

The history of music, Part 1.

Music is with us as long as our generations can remember it, but even also long before our times. Our parents, grandparents, and generations before them grew up with music for a very long time in history already. But where did music originate? What was the very first known song ever created? Who were theContinue reading “The history of music, Part 1.”

Fate Collides

This storyline is not yet complete and will be updated by chapters. First two parts are complete! Storylist: Fate Collides Part One: Casa Musica Fate Collides Part Two: Shivers Fate Collides Part three: Reborn (Updated by chapters!) Fate Collides Part One: Casa Musica Michiel and Thomas are the formers of a music duo called: CasaContinue reading “Fate Collides”

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