Album review: Bullets For Breakfast by Bullet Dodgers.

Uncomplicated Rock n’ Roll … Heavy is good, Heavy is reliable … bullets for breakfast!! Don’t let anything get you down, be a Bullet Dodger !! The musicians in The Bullet Dodgers have been around in various bands for over a quarter of a century. After 25 years each and everyone of us is stillContinue reading “Album review: Bullets For Breakfast by Bullet Dodgers.”

The history of music, Part IV: Rock around the clock, till the music dies.

The fifties music had a huge influence in the music we listen to today. The songs carried hope, love and freedom with them. Songs from artists like Elvis Presley, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and many more gave people a great feeling. The feeling of joy and happiness. A carefree life ahead.

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