Canadian rock band: SUMO CYCO, Comes with new album, called: Initiation. Out May 7!

Canadian rock/metal crossover quartet SUMO CYCO transcend into an explosive new era with their third full-length album and Napalm Records debut, Initiation – inviting a mass of new fans into their warped, dystopian-like world of “Cyco City”! Interlaced with infectious heavy metal grooves, pop-perfected hooks, electronic undertones and a dose of punk flavor, Initiation breaks all the rules while delivering aContinue reading “Canadian rock band: SUMO CYCO, Comes with new album, called: Initiation. Out May 7!”

Poison Oak comes with new single, called: Sarah!

Australian Punk/ Indie/ Rock-band Poison Oak, originated in the far north of Queensland, have some exciting news to share with the world. How better to do so in times of covid then through the internet?! That’s right! The internet is booming these days with lots of things and also musicians find their way easily here.Continue reading “Poison Oak comes with new single, called: Sarah!”

Interview with: The dirty denims.

The dirty denims are a Happy hardrock band who find their roots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Started in 2006, means that they are already fourteen years on the road and still counting. For a dutch band, that is really something. So who are they? I had the huge opportunity to have an interview withContinue reading “Interview with: The dirty denims.”